Careers Now: Great Leadership Requires Excellent Communication

Communication is a powerful tool we use every day. It has the ability to motivate and inspire people.

Imaging Matters: Fixing What’s Wrong

Many imaging departments do not invest in applications training for off shift employees that actually cover practical use.

What is a Leader?

Bottom line, if someone ever asks you what it means to be a leader, I hope you’ll skip over the paper-thin dictionary definition and talk about taking initiative, planning and prioritizing. 

Careers Now: What if You’ve Lost Touch with Old References?

What should someone do if they’ve been out of the workforce for several years and have lost touch completely with past supervisors, some of whom are no longer with the company the job applicant worked for previously?

Imaging Matters: The Ultimate Factor

The CT is down. The techs are stressed, the imaging director is losing his mind, and the doctor is speaking to you in a language you are fairly certain is not Latin. What drives your decision on how to proceed with the repair of that CT?