Career Advice: Building Customer Loyalty With Exceptional Customer Service

Be proud of what you do and demonstrate exceptional customer service to build loyal customers. 

Imaging Matters: Bridge Burned; Integrity Sold

By John Garrett There is a Field Service Specialist (FSS) that is new to medical imaging. Let’s call him “Bob.” Bob goes out to look for a job. Bob is excited and looking for the...

[Sponsored] Imaging Service 101: Beware the Fine Print and Lots of Words

Because of the importance to patient care and the potentially high costs of breakdowns, imaging systems are some of the few devices covered by service agreements these days.

Do You “See” Yourself Succeeding?

It seems counterintuitive, but when it comes to being successful, you may fall short if you’re relying mainly on positive affirmations.

Career Advice: 10 Interview Rules to Follow

An in-person interview is a professional business transaction where you are the salesperson and the product!

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