Professional Spotlight: Ken Luong – Serving Community and Country

Sometimes, its just a matter of observing what others do for a living that lights the spark for a career readjustment. That’s exactly what happened to Ken Luong, a modality service engineer with GE Healthcare.

Department Spotlight: HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley Imaging Department

The Hudson Valley Imaging Department works every day to bring a high level of excellence in diagnostic imaging to the patients in Kingston. They maintain that edge through rigorously attaining the highest benchmarks for quality.

Department Spotlight: NewYork-Presbyterian Imaging Service Team

The NewYork-Presbyterian imaging team is leading the way in strategically planned imaging service. 

Professional Spotlight: Arthur “Art” Larson: Making a Difference

Larson never loses sight of the importance of having well-trained imaging engineers to maintain diagnostic equipment crucial to health care.

Department Spotlight: University Health System Radiology Department

For those patients in south-central Texas who are rushed to the hospital in an emergency, or those who simply need diagnostic imaging, the radiology professionals at University Health System are always ready with the latest technology.