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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: The Evolution of Diagnostic Imaging

By Matt Skoufalos As Imaging Support Specialist Chris Bryant was cleaning up some inventory in the biomed shop at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal...

Welcome to the Machine: AI-Powered Imaging Processes

As AI technology continues to develop, clinicians, technologists and device manufacturers are working to resolve challenges around workflow, decision support and the broader questions of how to do so securely, efficiently and ethically.

Taking it to the People: Mobile Mammography Services Bring Breast Care to Vulnerable Communities

By Matt Skoufalos Throughout the United States, health care, like many other resources, is unevenly distributed. In eastern Tennessee, at the foothills of the Appalachian...

Safe Spaces in the Imaging Suite: Designing for Patient, Staff Protection

When you think of the safest and most dangerous areas in the hospital, would you believe they could be the same place?

Do it for the Children: Designing Medical Devices for Pediatric Patients

By Matt Skoufalos For more than 30 years, surgeon Alvin Crawford worked to help thousands of children with pediatric orthopedic conditions and spinal deformities correct...

Managing Emotions at Work – What do you show up with when you show...

By Matt Skoufalos Working in the medical imaging space is stressful. On the client side, patient satisfaction is critical to reimbursement; on the management side,...

Horizon Goals: Finding Imaging Technicians in a Dwindling Field of Engineers

By Matt Skoufalos How hard is it to retain talent on your HTM team, including in-house imaging service professionals? Mark Seago says he recently lost...

Empowered Management

To say that hospital decision-makers are inundated with data is an understatement. Analytics are used to justify any change in thinking at every level of management, from purchasing to servicing to staffing and beyond. But any department head will also tell you that the value of that information only goes as far as the meaning you can extrapolate from it.

The Masking Effect: Dense Breasts and Women’s Health

For years, women’s health care advocates have pushed legislators at every level of government to pass breast density inform laws: regulations requiring providers to notify their patients about whether they have dense breast tissue as a component of their mammogram reports.

Scanning the Unscannable: MRI Safety for Patients with Implanted Medical Devices

How can radiologists safely image the growing number of patients with implanted medical devices and replacement joints?

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