Cover Stories

The Masking Effect: Dense Breasts and Women’s Health

For years, women’s health care advocates have pushed legislators at every level of government to pass breast density inform laws: regulations requiring providers to notify their patients about whether they have dense breast tissue as a component of their mammogram reports.

Scanning the Unscannable: MRI Safety for Patients with Implanted Medical Devices

How can radiologists safely image the growing number of patients with implanted medical devices and replacement joints?

Is Certification Right For You?

By Matt Skoufalos In the early 1980s, just a few years after David Weaver graduated from his Indiana high school, its electronics program was cut...

Entering the Third Dimension

Since the introduction of commercially available 3D printers, the technology has been largely celebrated for its adoption by makerspaces, as an introductory method of teaching computing to children or as a novelty gift for gadget lovers.

A Radiology Manager’s Wish List

At the end of every fiscal year, imaging centers and health systems start making difficult choices about capital planning and budgeting for the future.

OEM: A Service Partner

Amid the vertical integration of parts, sales, and service providers, and greater consolidation in the hospital space, both ends of the customer relationship have tightened in the past decade-plus.

The World of Breast Cancer Screening

Mammography is the oldest and most widely available imaging modality for breast cancer detection

Imaging Superheros – Putting Patients First

When children must undergo medical procedures, imaginative play can be a key component in their care.

In Pursuit of Value: Hybrid Service Contracts Blend In-House, ISO and OEM Skill Sets

Hybridized versions of support agreements that blend responsibilities among the OEMs, ISOs and in-house teams have emerged.

XR-29: Updates & Struggles

Developed to mitigate the number and severity of accidents in the course of receiving a CT scan, XR-29 took effect in 2016.