Acertara R&D Team Receives U.S. Patent for Ultrasound Probe Tester


Acertara, an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited medical ultrasound acoustic measurement, testing, and calibration laboratory, and ISO13485:2003 certified probe repair and new product development facility, has announced that its research and development team has been awarded United States patent #9,696,356 for a device and method of testing ultrasound probes.

“This patent represents the 25th patent our team has been awarded relative to diagnostic ultrasound system and probe testing devices,” Acertara President and CEO G. Wayne Moore said. “Our engineering team first developed the modern ultrasound probe testing paradigm more than 17 years ago when we introduced FirstCall at Sonora Medical Systems. Continuing that legacy at Acertara has led to the development of several important new probe testing devices including Aureon and ATLAS which have continued to pave the way for our advanced probe repair capabilities.”

The research and development team at Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has been awarded more than 45 United States and international patents ranging from 3D ultrasound products to devices that deliver super-saturated levels of oxygen to myocardial tissue of heart attack patients.


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