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Cal-Ray Acquired by Up-and-Coming American Medical Imaging

Cal-Ray Acquired by Up-and-Coming American Medical Imaging

By Erin Register
John Snyder, Cal-Ray Regional President

John Snyder, Cal-Ray Regional President

American Medical Imaging LLC was established in January 2021 as a new business within the Innovation Institute, a health care incubator and leading provider of medical device and innovation solutions. AMI was created as a national partnership formed from a number of respected and experienced medical imaging technology sales and service companies across multiple regions of the country.

Within the Institute’s portfolio of businesses, AMI complements three other existing healthcare technology management (HTM) companies: Tech Knowledge Associates (TKA), Healthcare Technology Group (HTG) and MMS Multimedical Systems. With the addition of AMI to the HTM business sector of the Enterprise Development Group (EDG), a complete HTM solution was realized.

“AMI will offer a comprehensive medical imaging technology solution to include conventional imaging systems (radiographic, fluoroscopic, portable, C-arms, etc.), mammography, computed radiography and digital radiographic systems, ultrasound, CT, as well as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),” Cal-Ray Regional President John Snyder explained. “We are also focused on IT, PACS, cybersecurity and AI solutions for our customers. All AMI regions will continue to grow their heritage, regional service and sales business, but with a new economy of scale and pool of internal, national resources and support.”

Cal-Ray Inc., a Wisconsin-based independent service organization (ISO), was one of the companies recently acquired by AMI. Snyder provided ICE with insights regarding the acquisition.

Snyder said there are several compelling reasons Cal-Ray joined the AMI family of companies, which also includes Southeast Imaging, Radiology Services, Triangle X-Ray, EP Radiology Services and Proactive Technology Solutions.

“The primary reason was that we felt this was the best thing we could do for my employees and customers,” Snyder stated. “Employee benefits have improved over what I could offer as an independent, small business.”

Snyder added that the acquisition also changed Cal-Ray’s business dynamics. It is improving operations with more focus on what’s important to his customers, employees and strategic partners.

“Those of us who have operated as ISOs understand the difficulties we are facing in an ever-changing market: technical staff shortages, increasing government regulation and market consolidation. The AMI partnership solves many of these issues while providing us with the resources to overcome current challenges and be prepared for larger ones in the future,” Snyder said.

The acquisition was the best decision for Cal-Ray, but Snyder noted that challenges existed during the process.

“Certainly, every ISO has their own way of doing business,” he added. “Each is unique and independently minded in many ways. The hardest part for me wasn’t convincing the staff that this was the right thing to do or navigating through the business process requirements for joining the partnership, even though being ISO certified and registered as 13485 helped exponentially in meeting the data requirements for closing the transaction. The hardest part was personal, overcoming my love of being the sole owner of my business!”

“Cal-Ray was conceived late in 1990 on a bar napkin in Solon, Ohio back when I was an instructor at RSTI. Starting as a sole proprietorship, it evolved over the past 30 years to be a S-Corp with numerous vendors representing and a quality-trained staff of professionals with a respected name in the industry,” he added. “However, the AMI model made it easier to overcome my concerns since, unlike many merger and acquisition models, AMI desires to maintain the existing company culture, leadership, business relationships and staff that made the company successful in the first place.”

Snyder is remaining on board as a regional president, managing Cal-Ray, a division of AMI.

As for future goals, Snyder says Cal-Ray and all of the AMI divisions will work relentlessly toward the goal of becoming the premier source for medical imaging technology products and services in the U.S.

“We will continue to partner with preferred OEMs and add to our portfolio of companies to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations,” Snyder concluded. “Our long-term goal is to have a true national footprint with a presence in all key health care markets. Additionally, we are excited to be part of an all-inclusive HTM solution.”

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