Cancer Institute to Install Elekta Technology


Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cancer Institute has entered into a research agreement with Elekta, under which AHN will utilize Elekta’s magnetic resonance radiation therapy system (MR/RT), Elekta Unity, to investigate new treatment standards, imaging protocols and treatment planning methodologies for a variety of cancers. Elekta Unity is currently pending 510(k) clearance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Six centers in the United States have ordered Elekta’s MR-linac research system and AHN will be the first center in western Pennsylvania to install Elekta Unity for clinical research. The system is currently in clinical use at a number of internationally acclaimed cancer institutes. It offers a new paradigm of precision radiotherapy, combining MRI with the radiation delivery system, supporting personalized regimens that meet the unique needs of the individual patients’ anatomy, Elekta Unity is able to visualize small soft tissue targets before and during every treatment, allowing daily adaptation of the treatment plan.

“Since 2014, Elekta has been an important factor in our ability to provide the patients we serve with cutting-edge technologies and we are pleased to expand our relationship by advancing the clinical utility of Elekta Unity,” said David Parda, MD, Chair, AHN Cancer Institute. “The AHN Cancer Institute is proud to be a leader in oncology innovation, and we look forward to leveraging our clinicians’ significant research capabilities to bring this transformative approach to cancer therapy to our patients.”

The Elekta Unity system comprises more than just cutting-edge hardware and software. It also encompasses collaborations with clinicians and researchers at leading cancer centers around the world to undertake a systematic evaluation of the system in specific cancer types and anatomies. This approach is designed to provide evidence-based protocols and workflows that optimize the use of MR/RT across defined cancer indications and within specific patient populations.

“Elekta Unity is a technological tour-de-force that was enabled through collaboration with leading researchers and clinicians who treat cancer patients every day,” said Peter Gaccione, Elekta’s Executive Vice President, Region North and Latin America. “Our innovation strategy embraces the critical insights that those on the front lines of cancer care can provide to our development efforts. Expanding this strategy to encompass the development of clinical protocols and workflows is a tangible example of how our focus on patients allows us to go beyond products and enable new treatment paradigms. We look forward to the contributions AHN will make in this endeavor.”

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Elekta Unity is pending 510(k) pre market clearance and not available for commercial distribution or sale in the U.S.


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