Career Advice – Every Leader Must be a Game Changer


Someone recently asked me who the major influence in my life was. I immediately responded that the major influence in my life was my Dad. Both of my parents worked hard; however, my Dad was always my hero. My Dad was not only a hard worker, but he always did the right thing. He had a lot of integrity, was loyal, honest and confident in everything he did. He was very inspiring to everyone around him. He was competent in his jobs and people trusted him.

My Dad was always enthusiastic and had a smile on his face, even during the toughest of times. His employees loved him and would do anything he would ask. But the biggest reason was that he made it a partnership with his staff. Additionally, he could see through problems that even higher management could not see, and he would quickly find resolutions to extremely complex issues. He was a game changer – he transformed his department from ordinary to exceptional.

Outstanding leaders can and should be game changers in today’s highly technological, complex and fast-changing environment. A game changer is a leader who takes an organization or department from ordinary to exceptional. The best leaders go above and beyond. They don’t accept the mundane. They understand the value of service above self.

Game changers understand the importance of relationships and have the unique ability to effect and implement change. They lead their organizational transformation by improving processes and relationships, often taking an idea and innovating the team toward a great achievement. Leaders who are game changers have a passion and commitment to motivate and inspire others. These leaders also have the skills and abilities to articulate the department’s goals and mission, motivating their team to accomplishment in a committed fashion.

Health care and medical imaging service organizations have their own complex challenges for leaders to overcome and manage. Today’s technological and regulatory requirements in the medical imaging departments are evolving quickly, too. This requires leaders to be persistent and committed.

Successful medical imaging leaders are exceptional game changers in their field. By keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances, they incorporate emerging technology and overcome obstacles and challenges daily with confidence and resilience.

Game changers must be proactive and maintain enthusiasm within their departments. They must be able to motivate their team to readily accept change to remain relevant and maintain a highly productive department. The game changer focuses on strategic accomplishments and does not accept failure. They have a purpose to serve, inspire and improve efficiencies while maintaining a cohesive work environment for the staff.

Leadership success requires the ability to define their strategy for upcoming change and challenges. Leaders must be committed and passionate to influence their team to accept change. More importantly, they must be able to inspire staff at every level and every generation. Realizing that the culture today is different, including diverse backgrounds and generational differences, leaders will invest the time to understand and strengthen the core competencies of the team. Leaders will be able to influence each individual and help them through the technological and imaging platform changes within the department.

Leaders succeed in their roles as game changers by facilitating and influencing change. They have the ability to create a unified and competent environment while achieving desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Technological and cultural changes today have reshaped imaging service department employees. It requires a set of core values and organizational philosophy that guides performance and accomplishments. This is especially important when leading a department through the challenges of any type of change. Additionally, successful transformation in today’s fast-moving technological environment often requires leaders to maintain committed employees who can contribute their knowledge, leading to highly effective performance.

How that is accomplished is through a game changer, a leader who can inspire and transform the department from ordinary to exceptional. A game changer requires a set of skills and mindset to commit to a relentless process during a challenging implementation period.

Game changers usually have specific characteristics that help them achieve their goals naturally. They:

  • Build lasting relationships that are built on trust.
  • Lead by example and easily inspire others to follow.
  • Keep up-to-date in technology and processes, and are very knowledgeable.
  • Are articulate in communicating a clear vision and goals for achieving change.
  • Are great motivators adept at influencing others.
  • Provide exceptional customer service by creating an efficient, productive and friendly environment.
  • Have positive, collaborative and honest personalities.
  • Are persistent but patient.
  • Publicly recognize excellence in their employees.

Think about one person who may have influenced your life and your leadership abilities. Are you a leader who can transform your imaging service department from ordinary to exceptional?


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