Career Advice: Retaining Your Radiology Service Team


We often hear that there is a shortage of skilled and trained diagnostic imaging service engineers (DISE). However I cannot help but wonder and comment, what about taking care of your existing DISEs or team so that they do not leave for “greener pastures.”

In today’s marketplace, diagnostic imaging service engineers are often overworked and/or over extended by covering vast territories or a massive number of radiology equipment. There used to be more specialists who serviced one OEM vendor of equipment for one to two modalities. In today’s world many of them are now asked (or required) to service multi-vendor or even multi-modalities of radiology equipment. This is caused not only by the aging and retiring cycle of that population, but also by employers not replenishing the workforce when they had downsizing layoffs in order to save on costs. So, in essence, these DISEs are doing more with even less support.

I have found, from providing talent for this industry for over 20 years, that many employers think that a DISE left them because of a higher salary. Yes, that issue is important in that you have to be competitive and compensate in the salary ranges that are standard in today’s marketplace. You also need to ensure that those salary base ranges take into consideration and differentiate the cost of living especially in economically expensive areas like California or New York City.

However the number one reason for leaving a job that I hear over and over again from DISEs is that they really want a better work/life balance and quality of life. They say that they are tired of their large workload, territory, or travel that oftentimes does come with additional support. The number two reason (which to me goes hand-in-hand with the first reason) is that they want to feel appreciated with their work valued. They do not want to be treated like a number or just a means to a dollar. The third reason I hear is that they are not getting enough training so that their skill set stays as current as possible and aligned with today’s technology. I know this is a tough one for employers. I hear all the time that if they spend all that money on training the DISEs they become more viably skilled and could leave for a better opportunity. If you, the employer have all of those other aspects (competitive salaries, normal workload or territory with support, demonstrated appreciation of value) in place for your DISE team plus some training, then you are the better opportunity!


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