Carestream Significantly Increases Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions


Carestream Health’s Vue Cloud now manages more than 26 billion images in public and private cloud data centers around the world. Carestream showcased the technology at the HIMSS conference.

“Health care enterprises, radiology imaging centers and hospitals of all sizes continue to select Carestream’s Vue Cloud Services over competing cloud solutions due to its increased security, comprehensive functionality and affordable cost,” according to a news release. “It equips desktop and mobile users with rapid, easy access to patients’ medical images and radiology reports.”

Carestream is a leader in public and private cloud solutions in Europe and Latin America, and is operating this service in other countries such as the United States, Canada and China.

Vue Cloud Services enable customers to access Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform, driven by a unified backend that provides image and workflow management and vendor-neutral archiving as well as advanced multimedia and interactive reporting capabilities. The unified backend includes security, data protection and disaster recovery for multiple types of clinical data and standards such as DICOM, PDF, JPEG and XDS.

Vue Cloud Viewing Services allow direct access to reports and imaging studies by physicians. It also offers secure, zero-footprint access for distribution and reading by remote physicians with Carestream’s Vue Motion enterprise viewer – a KLAS 2018 category leader.

All services can be fully integrated with a facility’s electronic medical record (EMR).


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