Character Farms Transforms Medical Imaging Experience


Character Farms is changing the way children and adults experience imaging.

“We ensure a one-of-a-kind interior design and theme settings to successfully transition the patient’s anxiety and fear into a positive, calming and stress-free treatment,” said Mark Sullivan, principal and senior design director.

Their custom themed interiors and designs range from fun and imaginative for children, to calm or peaceful for adults. They have turned MRI machines into sand castles or even bonsai trees. Character Farms recognizes all the focal points that a patient will come into contact within each environment.

“We’re able to create truly stunning rooms, not only the treatment areas but the check-in, waiting, play and recovery areas as well,” Sullivan added. “We want to push the patient experience as far as possible. We allow for a completely immersive experience that patients and families remember long after the visit is over.”


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