ClearRead CT Installations Accelerate


With the radiologist’s increasing workload, tools that improve reading efficiency while increasing reading accuracy are imperative. Radiology centers and services are utilizing ClearRead CT as a way to standardize care based on proven reading benefits, ease of use and ease of installation. Leading centers such as, Duke University Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Kansas City, Einstein Medical Center, University of Maryland, and the University of Michigan have deployed ClearRead CT technology along with multiple radiology reading services. As a result, ClearRead CT is now processing data from nearly 50 CT scanners that include all major manufacturer CT devices, while being read on the sites existing picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

“Riverain’s ClearRead CT has been deployed as a part of our routine chest CT exams, including patients in our lung cancer screening program,” said Dr. Jared Christensen, Division Chief of Cardiothoracic Imaging and Imaging Director of Duke’s Lung Cancer Screening Program. “The ClearRead CT technology has helped us to detect lung nodules that may have otherwise been missed. Based upon our early experience, the workflow is faster and more accurate than existing technologies.”

ClearRead CT is the first advanced visualization product cleared by the FDA for concurrent reading, enabling radiologists to read the original series and the processed CT series simultaneously. ClearRead CT is proven to achieve a 26 percent reduction in reading time and reduce missed nodules by 29 percent.

ClearRead CT processes CT scans from all manufacturers and automatically places the processed series into the existing patient file prior to the exam review. The seamless integration and ability to process cases from varying acquisition devices and protocols allows the ClearRead CT technology to be deployed enterprise wide, establishing a standard of care for the patient population.


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