Siemens Healthineers Introduces Cios Flow Mobile C-arm System and More

During the virtual 106th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Nov. 29 to Dec. 5, Siemens Healthineers introduces the Cios Flow, a mobile C-arm designed to increase the ease and efficiency of everyday imaging workflows for surgical interventions.

United Imaging Caps Year of Expansion with Product Launches at RSNA

United Imaging, a platinum sponsor at RSNA’s virtual conference, announced the uCT ATLAS, a 510k pending ultra-wide bore Computed Tomography system with innovative AI technology.

Canon Medical Launches Premium Auto-Positioning Digital Radiography System

With the launch of Canon Medical Systems USA Inc.’s all-new OMNERA® 500A Digital Radiography System, facilities now have access to a system that offers heightened productivity for fast-paced imaging departments so that technologists can focus on their patients.

GE Healthcare Expands AI, Digital and Imaging Solutions

GE Healthcare has unveiled a slate of new intelligently efficient solutions to help clinicians solve today’s two-part challenge of delivering high quality care while managing greater capacity and workflow issues, exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19.

Sponsored Content: Multi Diagnostic Imaging & Surgical Solutions Company Showcase

Sponsored by Multi Diagnostic Imaging & Surgical Solutions

Multi Diagnostic Imaging & Surgical Solutions was started in Southern California in 1983 with the goal of being able to serve OEMs, dealers, asset management firms and end-users on a global basis. At the start, the company had a limited product portfolio, but it was a technology that it owned, and it was the only company that could provide service and support of that product. As that technology became dated, the company’s client base started asking for sales and support of a much broader range of more current products. CEO Dan Moretti said the company listened and responded.

“From that point, we missioned ourselves to stay in tune with the changes in technology and directions the OEMs are taking with respect to their product lines,” Moretti said. “This perspective and information was crucial for us to aid our customers in making the best, most cost-effective purchasing decisions. Our success has always come from listening to the needs of our customers and providing a level of sales and service care that everyone expects. Our family of customers depends on reliable, warranty-backed equipment, parts and service, and we strive to provide that to them with every sale.”

In an exclusive interview, Moretti tells ICE magazine even more about Multi Diagnostic Imaging & Surgical Solutions.

Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

Moretti: Our competition is typically one of our customers. Multi has always found ways to work with everyone in some capacity. We think it’s important to find areas where our “competition” has a need, and then offer a solution to fill that need. Building healthy, long-lasting relationships is crucial to our continued success.

Q: What are some challenges the company faced last year?

Moretti: One of the value-added solutions we provide is a parts stocking program. This program is offered to any facility/company that purchases various parts that we carry in our portfolio a certain number of times per year, year after year. By stocking these parts for them at our facility, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the high cost of OEM drop-ship fees plus their expensive “express” shipping rates. This allows the buyer to keep more money in their pocket. For some clients, this is a huge amount of money saved on an annual basis. The challenge we faced was being able to receive the initial data from the client, then teach our system the algorithms needed to generate automatic orders based on the specific client inventory that was stocked, sold and what needed to be replenished. Once we perfected that, it became much easier to handle the demand of existing and new client business. We will continue to advance in our technology to make the buying experience more efficient and cost effective.

Q: What are your company’s core competencies and unique selling points?

Moretti: Multi is made up of four diverse, yet complementary, divisions including radiology equipment, surgical equipment, parts and service. These four divisions work together and aid in our growth each year. They also allow us to reach a much broader range of customers of varying needs.

Q: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?

Moretti: Multi Inc. is one of two companies in the U.S. that has a national parts distributorship with GE for their entire product line including tubes, imaging parts, non-imaging parts, biomedical and consumable parts. This partnership has opened doors for new business as well as dramatically increased the business we do with existing customers.

Q: What is on the horizon for your company? How will it evolve in the coming years?

Moretti: We’re constantly looking at ways to better serve our customers from transactional and product line standpoints. Within the first quarter, we will integrate (Electronic Data Interchange) EDI and e-commerce platforms to our newly integrated system. By adding these technologies, we should see a dramatic improvement to transaction efficiency to the overall customer experience.

Q: Can you share some company success stories with our readers?

Moretti: It seems that we have to “save the day” every day. From the smallest concern to a failure on the largest scale; Multi treats every customer and concern with a high-level of care. Our ultimate responsibility is to the patients that our customers are caring for, so their equipment uptime is of the highest importance to us. We do our very best to meet or exceed the specific needs of each customer so that they can provide the highest level of care to the patients they serve.

Q: Have there been any recent changes to your company?

Moretti: In mid-2017, Multi became the Southern California service entity for AGFA Healthcare’s entire imaging catalog of equipment including X-ray, mobile X-ray, imagers, CR systems, etc. We’ve had a great relationship with AGFA for many years, so we were thrilled and honored to take on the new challenge of serving the customers that they value so much.

Q: What is your company’s mission statement?

Moretti: Our goal is to enhance the lives of the clients we serve so that they may enhance the lives of the patients they serve.

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