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‘Fascinating’ Webinar Delivers ‘Great Information’

By John Wallace

Webinar Wednesday teamed up with sponsor Avante Health Solutions to deliver “great information” in “Introduction to Computed Tomography.” Avante Health Solutions Vice President of Operations-Imaging Eric Davis presented a top-notch session and attendees were eligible to earn 1 credit from the ACI.

In the 60-minute webinar, Davis discussed the basics of CT including the history of computed tomography from the first generation scanners to 4th generation scanners and the advancements between each generation. He also provided a basic overview of the theory and physics that make it possible. Davis also discussed Hounsfield numbers (CT number) and the importance of them as well as the different types of applications and studies. Davis followed up with a look at common problems and cost of ownership from a maintenance perspective.

The webinar had 252 attendees for the live presentation and more have viewed a recording of the session online. The session received an attendee rating of 4 on a 5-point scale with 5 being the best possible rating.

Attendees filled out a post-webinar survey in which they were asked, “How well did the content that was delivered match what you were promised when you registered?”

“The webinar was great. I am trying to get into the imaging side and this helps with the concepts,” Senior Biomedical Technician J. Vandyke said.

“One of the best I’ve seen. Information was pointed, summarized and not a sales pitch,” said T. Wade, biomedical engineer.

“This was a very good webinar for people in our business that would like to understand that workings of CT. I enjoyed it very much,” Senior Biomedical Technician G. Haungs said.

‘This is exactly what I was after – a general insight into CT,” Technology Manager D. Burrell said.

“The content followed the description very well. I was impressed at the amount of information that Eric was able to deliver in a short amount of time, some of it was new to me which made it that much more interesting,” shared Imaging Equipment Specialist H. Harren.

“Exceeded my expectations. Great job. The Siemens part of me appreciated the explanation of helical scanning,” said R. Larkin, healthcare technology equipment coordinator.

“It was very good as a source of information. The other person that watched this webinar with me has many years of experience with CT. He told me that there was good coverage of material regarding CT and based on that compliment, it seemed to be a good webinar,” Imaging Equipment Service Technician L. Mosqueda said.

“Spot on. It was a very thorough introduction to CAT scan technology. I work with general biomedical equipment, specifically surgical devices, but not imaging. Nonetheless this was fascinating to me,” said K. Runkel, CBET.

“It was exactly what I expected. An overview of the concept of CT and the dynamic of service availability options and planning,” said J. Vazquez, biomedical engineer.

“100% satisfaction,” Director E. Rangel said.

“I had no prior knowledge of so much detail involving CT. Gave some great information and not too much detail as to become confused,” shared R. Campos, BMET.

“100%. Very Informative. Loved the slideshow presentation,” said E. Petrea, CBET, senior technician.

For more information about webinar series, visit WebinarWednesday.Live.



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