FDA Clears the NeuViz Prime CT Scanner


Neusoft Medical Systems USA has announced FDA market clearance and availability of a new 128-slice CT scanner for U.S. health care providers. The NeuViz Prime offers diagnostic images enhanced by several key features.

First, the system has spectral imaging capabilities. The ability to perform image acquisition and processing at multiple energy levels is improving visualization for computed tomography and enhancing patient care. Spectral imaging is field upgradable for the NeuViz Prime.

Secondly, the NeuViz Prime offers 0.259 second rotation speed, a critical feature for any application requiring high temporal resolution. The subsequent motion suppression improves imaging in trauma, pediatrics and cardiac cases.

Lastly, a new X-ray tube with a liquid bearing design improves heat storage and dissipation. With the new tube, heat is removed faster than it is introduced, eliminating scanning delays. The tube also allows 60 kV imaging at the maximum tube current of 833 mA. 60 kV imaging is ideal for pediatric studies.

The NeuViz Prime is the latest addition to the NeuViz family of CT scanners sold in the U.S. including the NeuViz 64In/En, and NeuViz 16. Each Neusoft CT system comes with a feature-rich configuration, eliminating expensive upgrades and is supported by an industry leading warranty package for exceptional technical support.


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