FDA Clears New Version of SOMATOM Force CT System


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the latest version of the SOMATOM Force, the flagship dual source computed tomography (CT) system from Siemens Healthineers. The system now features the new FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) Integrated Workflow, which helps ensure precise patient positioning. A key component of the FAST Integrated Workflow is the all-new FAST 3D Camera, which fits above the patient table and uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to enable automatic, precise and consistent isocentric positioning of patients. Touch Panels fitted on the gantry allow staff to leverage this automation at the push of a button while remaining close to the patient during scan preparation.

The new SOMATOM Force also offers iterative metal artifact reduction (iMAR), enabling users to significantly reduce artifacts caused by metal implants, artificial joints or pacemakers. Additionally, the improved Image Reconstruction System (IRS) of the SOMATOM Force reconstructs up to 70 images per second with iterative reconstruction. The new FAST Integrated Workflow with the FAST 3D Camera also will be available with the SOMATOM Drive dual source CT system.

For further information on the SOMATOM Force, visit http://usa.siemens.com/somatom-force.


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