Fujifilm Launches Synapse PACS Version 5


Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. has announced the release of its Synapse PACS version 5 in the United States. Featuring the latest server-side rendering architecture, Synapse 5 is one component of Fujifilm’s comprehensive enterprise imaging portfolio which includes Synapse VNA, Enterprise Viewer, Cardiovascular, 3D, RIS and cloud services. A disruptive technology that sets new standards for enterprise imaging, Synapse 5 is now available to Fujifilm PACS customers as a software upgrade – included in their maintenance agreement.

“Highly functional software designed to streamline workflow, along with speed and precision, are what practices and health care systems across the country need to collaborate and deliver the best possible patient care,” said Bill Lacy, vice president of medical informatics, Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. “Synapse 5 offers a transformational enterprise imaging opportunity for new customers, while providing unprecedented value to our existing PACS customers, many of whom have been using Synapse PACS for 18 years.”

Ideal for enterprise imaging, Synapse 5 ranks among the fastest medical imaging solutions in the industry. With a focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse 5 provides sub-second, on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to interact with the data – resulting in optimized health care delivery. Advances in efficiency and ergonomics facilitate productivity and a better overall user experience. The latest design includes server-based image rendering and a zero-download viewer with browser flexibility – leading to significant IT benefits for many organizations.


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