Fujifilm Medical Systems FDR AQRO


FDR AQRO is a complete digital x-mobile X-ray system that combines all the elements necessary to maximize maneuverability, generate high-resolution images, and deliver low patient dose in a variety of point-of-care settings. The system offers the low dose acquisition capabilities of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO II, ISS and noise reduction circuitry, combined with Virtual Grid image processing software which allows acquisition of images without a physical grid. FDR AQRO is equipped with an exclusive Fujifilm engineered mini generator, a compact tube head incorporated onto an ultra-lightweight, durable mini mobile cart. Additional features include an integrated touchscreen and X-ray control panel that articulates and swivels for easy viewing from any angle and can run up to 12 hours on its lithium batteries or plugged into wall power. FDR AQRO will be made commercially available in the U.S. upon receipt of FDA clearance.

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