GE Healthcare investing and expanding operations


GE Healthcare is growing its existing operations in Florence County, South Carolina with a $40 million capacity expansion, which is projected to create about 100 new jobs. The company will be expanding its existing production of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) components due to several new products recently added to the portfolio. This 500,000 square foot site specializes in designing, manufacturing and testing the superconducting magnet components of the system.

The expansion will be completed in phases with initial operations underway this spring. Hiring for the new positions is underway and interested applicants should visit the company’s careers page online.

GE Healthcare’s Florence facility has continued to expand over the past several years due to a growing MRI product line and a recent addition of a $17 million liquefaction facility for helium recycling during the manufacturing process. Helium is a critical component in MRI manufacturing. The team also recently added a solar farm to help reduce their carbon footprint.

With 30-year roots in South Carolina, GE Healthcare’s MR magnet production facility in Florence is home to 350 local employees and represents Florence County’s seventh largest industrial employer. GE Healthcare team members in Florence are high-skilled welders, advanced technicians, assemblers and engineers who boast an average tenure of over two decades, and are intimately involved in their communities – with over 3,600 local volunteer hours just last year.

GE Healthcare’s Florence facility utilizes 2,500 unique parts from a diverse base of suppliers to manufacture each MR magnet, which helps support over 8,400 US jobs. GE Healthcare’s Florence facility is Voluntary Protection Program-certified for safety performance by the State of South Carolina, and also aligns with both ecomagination and healthymagination, two of GE’s global initiatives aimed at transforming health care delivery through innovation, partnerships and sustainability. It is deploying some of GE’s latest Brilliant Factory software around automation and efficiency to drive improved production flow, and sharing Lean continuous improvement practices to improve the customer experience from order through delivery and install.


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