GE Healthcare OEC Elite CFD


GE Healthcare’s OEC Elite CFD is the first premium mobile C-arm offering both a 31cm and 21cm CMOS flat panel detector, which is designed to produce high image quality at a low dose. The OEC Elite CFD produces crisp and clean images, enabling better imaging confidence by allowing surgeons to see greater differentiation between a patient’s anatomy, such as bone, organs and skin and exceptional vessel detail in even the toughest vascular procedures. Beyond high-quality imaging, the streamlined design of the C-arm is intended to provide the surgeon with more control and maneuverability in the OR with a streamlined workstation, an intuitive user interface and an entirely new ergonomically designed C-arm called Ergo C. The new OEC Elite CFD premium C-arm portfolio will provide clinicians with high-quality images during a variety of surgical procedures, including vascular, spinal, orthopedic, urological, general surgery and pain management.


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