Canon Medical Receives FDA Clearance on One-Beat Spectral Cardiac CT

Meeting the growing cardiovascular needs of health care providers, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. announced that its Deep Learning Spectral CT has received 510(k) clearance for expanded capabilities into cardiovascular applications.

Vote Shows Medical Right to Repair Surge

Across the country, hospitals and health care providers are joining a chorus of biomedical repair technicians (biomeds) demanding the right to repair medical equipment.

Philips Installs Digital Imaging Solutions at Westmead Hospital in Australia

Royal Philips has announced the successful installation of its most advanced digital diagnostic and interventional neurovascular imaging solutions in the brand new Central Acute Services Building at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Ziehm Imaging Americas and Carestream Announce Partnership

In partnership with Ziehm Imaging, Carestream Health is announced the addition of a mobile C-arm, the Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm, into its growing product portfolio.

Glassbeam Launches Clinsights 2.0

Glassbeam Clinsights 2.0 Executive Operational Dashboard

Glassbeam Inc., a machine data analytics company for the health care industry, has announced expanded features in its award-winning health care application suite Clinsights that will allow radiology departments and imaging centers in enhancing productivity, improving the patient care experience and delivering better value-based care.

The goal of the new release 2.0 is to help organizations move toward digitalization of machine uptime and utilization metrics across the entire imaging fleet in a single pane of glass that is accessible 24×7 on desktops, tablets and mobile phones, powered by a rich library of rules, AI/ML models, alerting and notification engine.

Health care organizations lack an automated way to collect asset operational information from their vast network of imaging fleets spread across multiple facilities, modalities and manufacturers. Much of this operational data is sitting in disparate systems such as machine logs on individual modalities, Radiology Information Systems, PACS servers and network traffic in DICOM headers and HL7 messages. The need of the hour is to keep collecting these data nuggets at regular frequency every few minutes, assimilating them into a single data model, and democratize insights leveraging a massively scalable analytics platform. Clinsights 2.0 release built on Glassbeam cloud-based platform meets this urgent need for the health care industry now

Gateway Diagnostics Imaging (GDI), an independent imaging center based in Dallas, Texas, has been a co-development partner with Glassbeam on this new release and is an early adopter of the solution.

“Glassbeam Clinsights 2.0 brings tremendous business value to any growing health care enterprise looking to optimize its imaging operations by mining asset uptime and utilization data in a single application,” said Ryan Bathish, chief development officer at Gateway Diagnostic Imaging (GDI). “As an early adopter to the new release our imaging center network has leveraged Glassbeam platform’s enhanced capabilities to make critical decisions on our day-to-day operations using data-driven insights.”

Clinsights 2.0 has several enhanced features such as:

  • Executive Dashboard: Navigate top-down as a command center to understand the overall health of the radiology operations by spotting changes in trends in total exams performed, machine utilization by modality type, along with comparative studies with the previous year on key metrics.
  • Industry benchmarking: Derive actionable insights by comparing operational parameters against similarly-sized organizations on exam duration, change-over-time, turnaround time and operator errors against the industry benchmarks.
  • What-if Analysis: Perform scenario-based analysis into possible reasons for lower utilization and leverage knobs that can be tuned to increase utilization and therefore more exams and revenues
  • Referral Analysis: Understand the percentage of business from top referring physicians that contribute to overall business volume by exam type and identify physicians whose referrals are increasing and those whose referrals are on the decline
  • Reject Analysis: Understand digital X-ray exams that are being rejected with corresponding reasons, to help identify operators that may need training, or readjustment of the patient workflow to minimize rejection trends over time

“Radiology departments are struggling today to optimize patient workflow with detrimental effects on the patient and referring physician satisfaction as well as revenues,” said Dr. Miral Jhaveri, strategic advisor to Glassbeam, and director of neuroradiology, co-vice chair, department of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine, Rush University Medical Center. “Optimizing the imaging value chain, from the time the referring physician places an imaging order, patient scheduling, imaging protocol optimization, image acquisition and interpretation to the imaging report sent to the referring physician is key to collectively enhancing operational efficiency. The challenge is enormous as it requires integrating data from several endpoints into one cohesive story for the radiology department to act upon. I am glad to see that Glassbeam is stepping forward to meet that challenge with a unified analytics solution in Clinsights 2.0.”

“Glassbeam is a disruptive force in how health care organizations view the world of tracking and improving asset uptime and utilization to drive higher return on assets,” said Puneet Pandit, co-founder and CEO at Glassbeam. “Our offerings in Clinsights have matured rapidly over the last several years by working closely with our customers, partners and advisors. This new release further cements our innovations and provides the industry best-in-class analytics solution leveraging our core expertise of mining multi-structured machine and operational data.”

Clinsights 2.0 is available today delivered through flexible subscription-based plans. Click here to read more about the new product release.



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