Hologic Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm Imaging System for Extremity Imaging


The Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm Imaging System for Extremity Imaging with exclusive rotating flat detector technology provides imaging versatility in the procedure or operating room. The enhanced system boasts significant image quality updates designed to improve the user experience, and now offers a high-resolution mode and a low dose rate mode, while offering clinicians the largest image size and highest image resolution available in the industry, in an intuitive 24-inch HD touch screen.iv,v,vi

iv InSight FD Data Sheet – DS-09521 Rev. 001 (7/17)
v OrthoScan FD Data sheet – 110-0139 Rev D, 10/3/2016
vi GE OEC Elite MiniView C-arm – Technical Data – JB36548US


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