626 Acquires Medical Imaging Solutions

CEO Hints at Additional Acquisitions 626 Holdings LLC recently announced the addition of Medical Imaging Solutions (MIS). “MIS could not be a better fit. The addition of MIS helps both our customers and our employees win on many different levels including the...

FDA Clears Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT Scanner

Siemens Healthineers has announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the Symbia Pro.specta, a single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) system with advanced CT and SPECT imaging technologies. Capabilities include a...

KA Imaging Plans New Mobile X-Ray System

“Through the Ontario Together Fund, our government is making strategic investments in innovative homegrown businesses with the ideas and solutions to help us support Ontario’s vibrant innovation and medtech ecosystem,” said Vic Fedeli, minister of economic development, job creation and tra

ECRI Opens New Global Headquarters

“The new building symbolizes the transformation that ECRI has been undergoing over the past few years,” says Marcus Schabacker, MD, Ph.D., president and CEO of ECRI.

Hospital Banks on Efficiency and Dependability of Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Carestream Health’s imaging systems have helped Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, a 103-bed hospital in Indiana, tap the benefits of digital radiography (DR) using multiple Carestream systems from portable X-ray units to fluoroscopy.

The only hospital in a farming community, Franciscan Health Crawfordsville has a full radiology department that provides a suite of diagnostic imaging services. They recently installed a fluoroscopy room outfitted with the CARESTREAM DRX-Excel Plus System.

“Our room was reaching end of life and it was not a digital room. We wanted to move in the direction of having a totally digital radiology department,” said Nancy Sayler, Director of Imaging. “In the general radiology room, we were the first within our organization to get a Carestream product, and now the whole corporation is putting in Carestream,” Ms. Sayler said.

Optimized for hospitals like Franciscan Health, the DRX-Excel Plus (see video link) combines fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one unit to enable accelerated workflow. Like other Carestream imaging systems, the DRX-Excel Plus is designed to capture a wide array of high-quality diagnostic images. The system performs contrast exams using fluoroscopy that can be associated with a radiography image, in addition to specialized contrast procedures that record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences as well as interventional procedures, like a video fluoroscopic swallowing exam, allowing facilities to perform specialized exams as needed.

“It’s been very dependable,” Ms. Sayler said. “When we were researching other companies we did not like their detectors. Carestream systems have a battery that you pop in and out, the detector is small, it is very easy to put in a new battery and you’re back on your way, versus having to plug something in and charge the whole unit.”

The low-dose radiation capability of Carestream solutions is another of the many benefits for patients at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, she added. Also, the ability to use Carestream imaging systems seamlessly across the hospital increases efficiency and saves time for technicians and physicians alike. At Franciscan Health, which serves patients in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, the durability of Carestream imaging systems—combined with high-quality imaging and workflow benefits—has resulted in an organization-wide movement.

Carestream’s X-Factor platform lets facilities share the same wireless detector seamlessly across the company’s DRX products and allows technicians to move easily between different systems with minimal training time, which speeds workflow and exams.

“Our general rooms and our portables all have the same platform, so if you train in one room you can work in the other, which means we can be more efficient,” Ms. Sayler said.

Franciscan Health began its journey with Carestream by retrofitting a portable X-ray unit into a digital Carestream system. Since then, the hospital has migrated to the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, which offers DR imaging for patients at their bedside.

“It’s like having an additional room to care for patients. We take the portable DRX-Revolution to ER and we can do many things over there that we couldn’t do before,” Ms. Sayler said.



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