Industry Loses ‘One of its Great Personalities’


By Wayne Kramer

Our often tight-knit community of medical imaging professionals has just lost one of its great personalities. Daniel “Skip” Person, sales executive of W7 Global, passed away early morning Dec. 20th, 2018 of a chronic lung disease known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He was 61 years old. Daniel specialized in the selling of parts and x-ray tubes for medical imaging equipment and had about 23 years of experience. Daniel’s journey in medical parts and customer service began in 1995, when he started working for C & G Technologies and its founders Greg and Joy Kramer. He has been working with me and W7 Global since 2015, during which time he traveled the world and enjoyed engaging with others in the field. We had a blast working and traveling together.

Daniel lived a full life. He cherished the bond he shared with his wife, Lona, who helped him become the best version of himself. Married for 16 years, he described Lona as not only his wife but his best friend. He was an adopted child along with his sister, Carmel and brother, Kevin, and they all grew up sharing an unbreakable bond that continued through the rest of his life. Daniel loved his daughters, Courtney and Stacey, and his stepdaughter (my wife), Kaly. He was known as “Pop-Pop” to his five grandkids. He loved every fun moment with Pop-Pop just as much as they did—times that included catching fireflies, telling stories, eating pizza, reading books, playing video games, and renaming them all the most creative and nonsensical names that only Dan could imagine.

Dan was a diehard Kentucky Wildcats fan, spending many a night both cheering and cursing at his television. He loved history and maintained a healthy curiosity about life, embracing knowledge at every opportunity. He loved playing video games and the board game Risk with his friends. Daniel was an Eagle Scout and a proud veteran of the United States Navy.

Those who knew Daniel, even for a short while, will remember that he was always eager to offer words of encouragement to those around him. He was quick to laugh, smile, and crack witty jokes. I have never met anyone like him and probably never will.

As a close personal friend, a part of our family, and a faithful employee, he will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

Wayne Kramer
W7 Global, LLC.


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