Innovatus Imaging Releases Exclusive Rapid Repair Program for Philips X8-2t Ultrasound Probes


Tulsa, OK, August 8 – Innovatus Imaging today announced its RapidRepair program for Philips X8-2t TEE probes. This program is an extension of the company’s exclusive RapidRepair program for the Philips X7-2t, expanding the methodologies and processes for the X8.

Few ultrasound probe repair companies have capabilities for the Philips X8-2t, and none other than Innovatus Imaging offers a proprietary program enabling them to get these complex, high-demand probes back in the hands of imaging professionals when a repair is needed in 3–5 days.

RapidRepair for the X8 is really game changing,“ says Matt Tomory. “Most facilities are coming up on the one-year warranty expiration and many facilities struggle with how to effectively manage costly replacements vs. repairs when they fail. They also cannot afford to have them out of operation for more than a few days. A RapidRepair process that gets probes evaluated, repaired, tested and returned in as little as five days is key to maintaining workflow, patient care, and the financial bottom line.”

All RapidRepair programs for X7’s and X8’s are executed at Innovatus Imaging’s Ultrasound Center of Excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The proprietary processes enabling Innovatus Imaging to restore TEE probes to the original form, fit and function are developed out of the company’s Design and Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Denver, Colorado.

For more information about the RapidRepair processes and pricing models, please contact Cam Conklin at 844.687.5100 or go to

Innovatus Imaging is the ISO-13485:2016 certified preferred provider of best-in-class imaging devices and repair services for health care professionals who constantly strive to deliver high-quality patient care. The company’s expertise spans the entire life cycle of medical imaging products – from design, development and manufacturing to sales, distribution and repair. Innovatus Imaging provides proven, documented MRI coil and ultrasound transducer repair services, CR system and dry film printer service, and digital radiography (DR) retrofit solutions. The company also has an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of specialty ultrasound probes. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus Imaging also maintains operations in Tulsa, Denver and the Netherlands. For more information, visit or email


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