KUBTEC to Showcase Augmented Intelligence for Breast Cancer Surgical Imaging


Kubtec will be introducing new innovations designed to enhance and improve the surgical treatment of breast cancer at the annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons in Orlando.

The company is adding more Augmented Intelligence functionality to its Mozart Specimen Tomosynthesis Platform. This enables surgeons to see their surgical margins more accurately, and to make and record their intraoperative margin re-excisions immediately, in the busy operating room environment.

Enhancements include voice control which enables hands-free operation of the system, automatic identification and highlighting of microcalcifications, and new tools to assist with specimen orientation.

“Recent data presented by teams at MD Anderson Cancer Center indicated that 3-D Tomosynthesis is more accurate than traditional X-ray imaging for identifying positive margins. Our new enhancements make this technology even simpler to use and enables surgeons to take instant, informed decisions regarding margin positivity. This is good for patients as it reduces the likelihood that healthy tissue will be removed unnecessarily,” KUBTEC Vice President of Marketing John Leach commented.

The Mozart System is designed and manufactured by Kubtec of Stratford, Connecticut. The company uses patented Tomosynthesis technology, which creates images in 1mm digital slices, to give radiologists, surgeons and pathologists an improved view of the anatomy of surgical specimens. This enables them to reduce the incidence of positive margins that often lead to repeat surgeries.


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