Merry X-Ray Acquires Nationwide Imaging Services Inc.


Merry X-Ray Corporation (MXR) has announced the purchase of Nationwide Imaging Services Inc. Nationwide is an international broker, re-conditioner/re-seller, parts-supplier and servicer of medical imaging equipment. Nationwide founder Rob Manetta, also a founding member of the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers (IAMERS), had recently led Nationwide to achieve ISO 13485:2016 certification, the medical device specific quality certification.

“Nationwide brings a robust access to re-conditioned medical imaging equipment as well as an international presence to our rapidly expanding suite of offerings to the medical imaging market,” MXR President Ted Sloan said. “With our extensive network of new equipment distributorships, acquisitions in late 2017 of Universal Medical Systems and Consensys Imaging Service, combined with Premier Imaging just last month and now Nationwide, we’ve established a comprehensive portfolio of imaging equipment and service solutions that include new and re-conditioned equipment offerings to hospitals, imaging centers, physician offices, stand-alone ERs and veterinarians across the U.S.”

“We’re very excited to join the MXR family,” Manetta said. “Our regulatory-compliant equipment and parts are now fully complimented by Consensys Imaging Service, also a regulatory-compliant service company. Furthermore, with access to MXR’s vast network of customer relationships accumulated over the last 60 years, we see unlimited growth potential.”


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