MR Solutions Displays New Bench Top CT Preclinical Scanner


MR Solutions showed a new bench top CT preclinical scanner with clip on PET and SPECT at nuclear medicine congress

MR Solutions continues to expand its range of preclinical scanners with the first showing of its bench top CT scanner. The scanner, which was displayed for the first time at the annual congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) in Dusseldorf in October, can be fitted with either a PET or SPECT clip-on. MR Solutions now has four CT models from rodent imaging up to the newly announced large field of view with a 24cm field. The clip-on PET and SPECT scanners, which can also be used as standalone scanners, and the animal beds are interchangeable across the whole range of MR Solutions’ CT and MRI scanners.

Nicky Doughty, CEO of MR Solutions said, “We were quite overwhelmed by the positive response to our multi-modality, nuclear high-end systems at the congress. We can now offer our clients the widest range of multi-modality, preclinical scanners with the highest resolution.”

The PET capability is provided by using Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs). These SiPMs have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PET, while benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology with low operating voltage, robustness, much more compact, stable at high temperatures and light over-exposure. They also have a unique modular design allowing researchers to select their transaxial field of view (tFOV) and axial field of view (aFOV).

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