MW Imaging Expands Ultrasound Probe Repair Warranty


MW Imaging is excited to announce the expansion of their probe repair warranty from a 6 month to a 12 month warranty. MW Imaging will be offering a 12 month warranty on 98% of their probe repairs.

When asked about the expansion of their probe repair warranty, Matthew Nafziger, Operations Manager of MW Imaging said: “It’s an exciting time in our company. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer a 12 month warranty on general imaging transducers along with TEE (X7-2t, X8-2t, and 6VT-D) transducers while still providing free loaners during the evaluation and repair process. With the expansion of our probe repair warranty not only can we share the same mission as our customers but also continue to offer the same repair quality at market pricing.” 

You can reach MW Imaging at 877.889.8223 or to inquire more about their probe repair capabilities


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