Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Becomes First Children’s Hospital to Acquire OmniTom


Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, is the first children’s hospital in the nation to acquire the OmniTom mobile CT scanner from NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The OmniTom is the world’s first medical device delivering high-quality non-contrast CT scans at the patients’ bedside with omni-directional wheels, collecting real-time data on pediatric patients.

The OmniTom is intended to improve the hospital’s workflow efficiency goals by eliminating the need to transfer pediatric patients to the radiology department, reducing potential risks associated with moving patients, as well as reducing the time it takes to produce a scan by more than half.

“At Nicklaus Children’s we value the importance of investing in technology that enhances comfort and safety for our patients. The OmniTom is a step towards that continued commitment, by reducing the amount of radiation children are exposed to while enhancing safety for some of the most critical patients in our care,” said Sheryl Selinsky, director of radiology at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

The OmniTom offers improved workflow while enhancing safety with smart sensing collision-avoidance sensors, visually warning the user of obstructions and stopping the OmniTom before an incident occurs. Its larger bore size will also allow for scans of more than just heads and necks, as well as increase safety for intubated patients who have many lines, says Nicklaus’ CT Section Chief Sherif Ayoud.

In addition to improving safety, OmniTom delivers high-quality non-contrast axial and helical CT, CT angiography and CT perfusion scans at the point-of-care. The combination of rapid scan time, ultra-small footprint, and immediate image viewing makes the OmniTom an indispensable tool when caring for critically ill patients.

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