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Universal Medical rolled out a team of experts for the recent Webinar Wednesday presentation “Why A Reconditioned System Might Be Right for You.” The webinar, which was sponsored by Universal Medical, provided expert insights into nuclear medicine. The live webinar was attended by 155 people and the presentation is currently available online at

The expert panel of representatives from Universal Medical, who fielded questions about reconditioned systems after their presentation, included Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jason Kitchell, Vice President of Corporate Quality & Customer Support Services/Clinical Support Specialist Nik Iwanwi, Evaluation Program Director Chad Watson, Senior Product Manager Craig Diener, National Service Manager Craig Snodgrass and Production Manager/Quality Manager Kevin Borror.

Topics discussed included camera capability requirements, clinical requirements, financial requirements, reimbursements, parts availability, maintenance and more.

Universal Medical’s products and services include new and reconditioned nuclear imaging systems, parts, equipment service, training courses for health care technology managers, camera system moves, technical and clinical support, flexible financing options and more.

The Universal Medical presentation was well received by those in the industry.

“Great presentation, always good to know of new third-party companies and their quality,” Biomed Manager D. Sanchez shared.

“Even though, the nuclear cameras don’t pertain to me in my role, it was interesting to listen. There are always service, quality control issues, support issues that carry across all equipment lines,” wrote Senior Biomed S. Gardner.

“This Webinar was presented in a unique and comprehensive manner. Some information presented was new to me and I gleaned a substantial amount of information in this webinar. The panel giving the presentation was knowledgeable and their contact information was made available for further discussion of what was presented today,” said K. Ongchango, CBET.

“Great webinar for biomedical technicians who have run into issues with purchasing and maintaining nuclear imaging systems on a tight budget,” said Biomed F. Mishchuk.

The Webinar Wednesday sessions continue to receive positive reviews.

“Webinar Wednesday has helped me get the needed credits for recertification. In the process I have learned about new products, services and, of course, new ways to perform my job better. Thanks for continuing to provide great quality webinars,” wrote Biomed L. Shelman.

“I always enjoy the Webinar Wednesday series. They are equally entertaining and informative. The content is always relative to what we as HTM professionals do on a daily basis,” Healthcare Technology Management Director S. Brow said.

For more information about the webinar series, including a calendar of upcoming presentations and recordings of previous sessions, visit


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