ProbeHunter Expands into the UK


The ProbeHunter team, the Scandinavian-developed system for quality assurance of ultrasound probes, has announced that the business is expanding. Imaging First Ltd. in Manchester, UK, is representing ProbeHunter in England and Ireland.

Imaging First will offer ultrasound probe testing services as an accredited provider that will suit both NHS services and independent operators. Imaging First is positioned to offer an end-to-end specialist service dedicated to “all things ultrasound.” This includes system sales, distribution, repairs, Q&A, servicing and consultancy.

“In our continuing growth for patient safety, the ProbeHunter Network is expanding and soon additional new distributors for other countries will be announced. The ProbeHunter product line is a leading global provider of ultrasound probe testing systems. A Quality Assurance system like ProbeHunter, testing ultrasound probes in daily use, will increase quality of care, save hospitals cost and increase patient safety,” states BBS Medical AB CEO & founder of ProbeHunter Björn Segall.


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