ProbeHunter Team announces program to develop probe adapters for the Verasonics Vantage Ultrasound Research Platform


Stockholm, Sweden, October 1, 2019 –

BBS Medical in Sweden/ProbeHunter Team is now a supplier of adapters for use with the Vantage system, the leading ultrasound research platform from Verasonics.

BBS Medical AB from Sweden is to develop and market specialized ultrasound probe/transducer adapters that allow users of Vantage systems to connect a variety of different probes from other companies to the Vantage system.

CEO Björn Segall BBS Medical AB/ProbeHunter Sweden:
“We are proud to announce that our probe adapters are compatible with the Vantage systems manufactured by the leader in ultrasound research, Verasonics. This development enables all universities and companies to quickly get support with adapters for their ultrasound research and development platforms. Five years ago we released ProbeHunter, the real time testsystem, to verify the performance of ultrasound probes of all brands. To the ProbeHunter system there are today approximately 50 different adapters to test all leading brands; GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba/Canon, Mindray etc. The new adapters for Verasonics systems will support probes initially from Philips and over time it will be possible to connect a growing number of probes from other major ultrasound companies directly to the Verasonics system.”

About BBS Medical AB
BBS Medical AB specializes in developing real-time test systems to verify the performance of ultrasound probes, Their ProbeHunter probe testing system currently offers approximately 50 different adapters to test all leading brands of ultrasound probes including GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung, and Toshiba/Canon, Mindray etc. The BBS Medical/ProbeHunter team supports various University ultrasound research programs to enable researchers to quickly and easily verify the performance of their ultrasound probes continuously for their studies. Ultrasound Probe Adapters developed to all leading research platforms; Verasonics, Cephasonics, Ultrasonix, US4US and to ultrasound probe testing platforms ProbeHunter and First Call. Meet the ProbeHunter Team at the IEEE IUS meeting in Glasgow, October 6-9. To learn more about BBS Medical and ProbeHunter, please visit


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