Mindray Launches New TE7 ACE Point-of-Care Solution

Mindray Medical has announced the release of a new point-of-care ultrasound system. The TE7 ACE is a new touch screen ultrasound system that provides targeted solutions to diverse point-of-care scenarios including: anesthesia, critical care and emergency. Featuring...

Hitachi Healthcare Americas Plans Innovation Center

Hitachi Healthcare Americas has announced that it will create a new dedicated research and development facility within its North American headquarters facility in Twinsburg, Ohio. The move will result in the creation of approximately 40 new jobs, adding to the nearly...

Acertara R&D Team Receives Another Patent

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited medical ultrasound acoustic measurement, testing, and calibration laboratory, and ISO13485:2016 certified probe repair and new product development facility announces their Research and...

Conquest Imaging Expands SIMPLIFY Program

Conquest Imaging has announced the expansion of SIMPLIFY, Conquest Imaging’s transducer repair program, featuring added TEE probe repair capabilities, flat rate repair pricing and a mobile probe testing program. The entire SIMPLIFY program is overseen by Vice...

Rad Idea: Communication

We all know how important it is to communicate as a leader. We have busy schedules and although we make it a point to try and communicate that we are always available for our people; it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Every morning the first thing I do is check my schedule to see what may have changed overnight (it is amazing how many meetings get added when you’re not looking). I then send an email to all of my staff. I call it “The Morning Report,” yes I know I took it from Zazu in “The Lion King.” I say good morning and in one or two sentences I tell my people when I will be in or out of the office generally. For example, I have a meeting at the Palomino office this morning, but I should be back all afternoon. Or, I will be in the department all day but I may be in and out running a few errands. If you need anything at Lowes or Office Max, let me know by noon.

I also use these quick emails to remind people of staff meetings, or that I/a provider are providing lunch that day. Anything that I think may come in handy.

I tested this theory out and did it for three months and then I did not do it for a week to see if it was noticed and the feedback was overwhelming. My people loved the emails and liked knowing quickly at a glance in the morning if I was going to be on site or not. That open communication was everything to them. It made them feel supported.

Nicole T. Walton-Trujillo, R.T.(R)(CT), BSRS, MBAH, MOL, ARRT, ASRT, NMSRT, X-ray and ultrasound modality manager for Desert Radiology.

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