Refurbished Parts for GE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Now Available from GE Healthcare


Demand for quality used parts has increased as hospitals and health care systems have become more sophisticated about medical equipment maintenance and management. Now more than 10,000 types of refurbished parts for GE diagnostic imaging equipment are available as GoldSeal parts from GE Healthcare. Hospital in-house service departments can find GoldSeal parts alongside new GE parts online at, or obtain by phone (800-558-2040) or through a GE Concierge Parts Agent.

GoldSeal parts are designed to deliver on quality, compatibility, and value.

Every GoldSeal part goes through an extensive validation in an ISO 13485 certified process to ensure quality and performance. GE uses proprietary testing methods designed by GE engineers to validate GoldSeal parts, including MR coils and X-ray tubes.

GoldSeal parts meet original specifications and are compatible with the GE system revision they were designed for.

GE Healthcare is developing a large inventory of GoldSeal parts, which now includes more than 10,000 GoldSeal part numbers covering GE CT, MR, nuclear medicine, PET, ultrasound, vascular, and radiography. Many are available to ship same or next day.

GoldSeal parts are a reliable option for pre-owned parts at an attractive price, and may help extend the lifecycle of aging systems in need of hard-to-find parts.

“Hospital service departments are looking for a trusted source of quality, affordable parts that are quick and easy to find and obtain. We are excited to introduce GoldSeal parts at AAMI 2017 and expand our support to in-house teams in this way,” said Joe Shrawder, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Global Services.

This new offering expands GE Healthcare’s GoldSeal portfolio, now in its 20th year, beyond refurbished diagnostic imaging systems to include refurbished service parts, MR coils and X-ray detectors. GE Healthcare’s GoldSeal initiative extends quality health care equipment, and now parts, to places that might not otherwise have access due to budget constraints, while cutting waste and helping make the world a greener place.


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