Richardson Healthcare Announces ALTA750 Replacement CT Tube


Richardson Healthcare joins small group of global companies manufacturing CT tubes

Richardson Healthcare, a Division of Richardson Electronics Ltd. has announced the ALTA750 – a new CT tube manufactured by Richardson Electronics that is designed for use as a replacement tube for the Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems CXB-750D/4A* tube (also known as the Varex Imaging MCS-7078*).

The ALTA750™ is a new CT vacuum tube loaded into an OEM housing assembly to ensure full compatibility with the OEM CT system.

Richardson Healthcare has run extensive life testing of the ALTA750 on OEM CT scanners, including clinical sites running up to 50 patients per day. The ALTA750 is designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original OEM tube.

“Richardson Healthcare is committed to providing hospitals and third-party service providers with unique parts and training solutions, including significant investments in high-value components like the new ALTA750 replacement CT tube,” said Pat Fitzgerald, executive vice president and general manager of Richardson Healthcare. “We are now one of a few global companies with the design and manufacturing capabilities necessary to successfully produce CT tubes.”

To optimize and increase the life of a new ALTA750 tube, Richardson Healthcare includes a heat exchanger and new HV cable kit as a complete package.

The ALTA750 has a prorated 12-month or 200,000 rotations limited warranty, whichever comes first. The tube is certified as compatible with an extensive list of OEM scanners ranging from the Toshiba/Canon Aquilion* series through the first-generation Toshiba/Canon PRIME* CT scanner.

For a limited time, Richardson Healthcare will provide a 90-day complete satisfaction guarantee: Every new customer for the ALTA750 will receive a 90-day, no-questions-asked, complete satisfaction guarantee on their first tube purchased. Product returned during this period will be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price paid.

The new ALTA750 tube is also available through the P3 Preferred Parts Partnership program, including a capitated-risk option that provides parts and tubes in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

Richardson Healthcare will be exhibiting at the upcoming AAMI Conference in Long Beach, California, June 1-4, Booth #762. To schedule a meeting at AAMI or for more information, email or call 704-739-3597.

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