BAMF Health, United Imaging Celebrate Total-Body PET Clinic Focused on Theranostics

United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced that the uEXPLORER, the company’s state-of-the-art digital two-meter total-body PET/CT, has arrived and is being installed at the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building...

New Report Provides Strategies for Managing Contrast Shortage

Recent disruptions in a pharmaceutical supply chain have impacted the global availability of GE Healthcare Omnipaque™ iohexol iodinated contrast media (ICM) for radiologic examinations. A new Special Report published in the journal Radiology provides consensus...

Philips showcases ultra-low contrast PCI solutions at EuroPCR 2022

Royal Philips is showcasing innovations at EuroPCR (May 17-20, Paris, France) that can enable interventionists to perform ultra-low contrast percutaneous coronary intervention (ULC-PCI) procedures with greater confidence and clarity. Philips’ ULC-PCI solutions...

Bruker Launches Novel 7 Tesla and 9.4 Tesla Preclinical MRI Magnets

At the ISMRM 2022 conference, Bruker announced the launch of innovative 7 Tesla and 9.4 Tesla conduction-cooled Maxwell magnets for its market-leading preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems portfolio, according to a press release. Following the success...

Rising Star: Houman Hayatgheyb (Tony Hayat)

Houman Hayatgheyb (Tony Hayat) began making an impression on imaging professionals while still in college.

Elena Danilova, BS, R.T. (MR) (ARRT), is currently the executive director of clinical development at Gurnick Academy. Previously, she served as an instructor and it was during that time that Hayat began to stand out among his peers.

“Tony was my MRI student,” Danilova said. “He always wanted to learn more and stayed in touch after graduation. Tony is ethical and professional. He took my advice and finished his bachelor’s degree at Gurnick Academy as well. Upon graduation, Tony was hired by the company where he finished his clinical training. Soon, he became a lead MRI technologist that covers a few imaging sites. Now, Tony is happily employed by Stanford University as an MRI technologist. I have confidence in Tony’s skills and ethics and see his abilities to become a great leader.”

ICE magazine learned more about this this MRI technologist at Stanford Healthcare during an interview.

Q: Where did you grow up? Or, where are you from?

A: I am originally from Iran. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1984 and I grew up in San Jose, California.

Q: Where did you receive your imaging
training/education? What degrees/
certifications do you have?

A: I completed my associate’s degree in MRI with Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts at its San Mateo, California campus and further continued my education with a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical imaging (management) from Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts at the Concord, California campus I am A.R.R.T. R.T. (M.R.) certified.

Q: How did you first decide to start working in imaging?

A: I decided to pursue a career in imaging because of a friend who also works in imaging.

Q: Why did you choose to get into this field?

A: I spent quite a bit of time in sales/retail. I decided to go back to school and get my degrees and switch to the medical industry so I can have a more fulfilling career.

Q: What do you like most about your position?

A: I like working with people in general and that helped me tremendously in sales/retail. What I like most about my current path is that I get to help and comfort people in their most sensitive, precarious, pivotal and important stages in life and health. It is a real moment of truth.

Q: What interests you the most about the imaging field?

A: What interests me most about the imaging field is the technology we use to deliver sound and precise diagnosis. So much has changed in the last 25 years with the aid of advanced science and technology. The software and hardware improvements have made some amazing things possible.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment in your field thus far?

A: My greatest accomplishments thus far has been my ability to train and educate the new students during their clinical rotations to MRI in a pivotal time in their career and education.

Q: What goals do you have for yourself in the next 5 years?

A: My goal in the next 5 years is to become MRI manager/administrator in a hospital setting. I believe I can be helpful in correcting the current lack of supply versus existing demand disparity that exists in the MR department. I believe everyone deserves the dignity of health and health care with a proper diagnosis and should not have to wait and live with pain or anxiety for weeks at a time awaiting an appointment.  

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