High-Definition Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Available for Rapid Bedside Cardiac Exams

Clarius Mobile Health, a pioneer and innovator in high definition medical imaging devices, today announced the Clarius PA HD is now available for high resolution cardiac imaging with the release of the Clarius Ultrasound App 7.3.0, available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Philips debuts AI-enabled, automated Radiology Workflow Suite at RSNA 2020

Royal Philips has announced its participation in the RSNA 2020 virtual event, featuring its Radiology Workflow Suite of end-to-end solutions to drive operational and clinical efficiency through the digitalization, integration, and virtualization of radiology.

Konica Minolta Announces Exa Platform Added to Multiple Centers in Argentina

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announces that Centro Rossi, a leading health care provider in Argentina with 13 locations throughout Greater Buenos Aires, is implementing the Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform throughout all of its centers.

Canon Medical Partners with Glassbeam

Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. has partnered with Glassbeam to offer Clinsights – a solution for health care providers to help increase operational efficiency through smart service analytics.

Rising Star: James Glasheen

By Erin Register

Rising Star: James GlasheenFrom Schoolcraft, Michigan, James Glasheen, 30, has two associate degrees, one in radiography and the other in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), from Lake Michigan College. He has also earned two degrees from Ferris State University; a bachelor’s degree in science with a major in allied health and a master’s degree in health care administration, which he completed in 2018. Today, Glasheen is a radiology supervisor for Spectrum Health Big Rapids and Reed City hospitals.

ICE learned more about this “Rising Star” in a question-and-answer interview with Glasheen.

Q: Why did you choose to get into this field?

A: When I was 14, I broke my left clavicle in a high school gym class. I was immediately taken to the emergency room and had X-rays taken. Back then, I was able to get a film copy of my images and was fascinated that they were able to see inside my body. The X-ray technologist taught me how the image was created, and I decided at that moment that I was going to go to school for radiography.

Q: What do you like most about your position?

A: In the big picture, I am thankful that I get to work with Spectrum Health and that their mission, vision and values align so closely with my own. You would be surprised what a big difference that can make in workplace satisfaction. Also, every day I am thankful that I get to work with such amazing and supportive people at the Spectrum Health Big Rapids and Reed City hospitals. I have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills I have learned to make a difference for my staff, the organization and the communities we serve and am encouraged to grow in my career to become the best leader I can be.

Rising Star: James Glasheen

James Glasheen loves his job as a radiology supervisor for Spectrum Health Big Rapids and Reed City hospitals. He also enjoys travelling, especially to the Northern Highlands of Scotland.

Q: What interests you the most about the imaging field?

A: The thing that interests me most about medical imaging is how dynamic it can be. We can do so many different things from every day chest X-rays to complex functional or intraoperative MRI procedures. There is always something new and exciting in any one of the several imaging modalities. With every exam we perform, there is a chance we have to make a difference in our patient’s lives.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment in your field thus far?

A: I have several notable accomplishments in my career. Probably the most notable, and one I am most proud of, looking back was taking on student clinical coordinator duties in my prior role. Accomplishing things for myself is always great, but there was a special feeling of success using my skills, abilities and knowledge to help others. In this case, it was to help our students achieve their goals and attain full-time work when their education was complete.

Q: What goals do you have for yourself in the next five years?

A: In the next five years, I want to refine my leadership style and progress further in my career toward a director of radiology role.

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