MXR Imaging, Inc. Acquires Oxford Instruments Healthcare from Oxford Instruments PLC

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – February 6, 2020 – MXR Imaging, Inc. (formerly Merry X-Ray Corporation) announced today it has completed the acquisition of the Oxford Instruments Healthcare from Oxford Instruments PLC (LSEG: OXIG). Oxford Instruments Healthcare is a leading...

Konica Minolta Healthcare Expands Ultrasound Guided Solutions

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. has announced a newly formed partnership with RegenLab USA LLC to distribute its regenerative medicine portfolio of bio-injectable products to the musculoskeletal (MSK), pain management, radiology and veterinary markets in the...

Aquilion ONE/PRISM Receives FDA Clearance

Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has received 510(k) clearance for the Aquilion ONE/PRISM Edition, enabling deep learning spectral capabilities that allow for more routine spectral imaging. Designed for deep intelligence, the advanced system integrates artificial...

Self-Scheduled Screening Mammogram Appointments Triple Via App

SCI Solutions in partnership with Charlotte Radiology, a US Radiology Specialists practice and one of the largest radiology groups in the country, announced significant patient adoption of the SCI mobile outpatient self-scheduling application, an integral component of...

Rising Star: Tyneeta Silmon

Our featured “Rising Star” of the month is Tyneeta Silmon. Tyneeta, 39, is a Field Service Specialist I at CHI Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. She was born and raised in Waco, Texas and is the oldest of five children. “I have always felt that I needed to set a good example for my younger siblings,” Tyneeta stated. She graduated from Waco High School in May of 1998. In 1999, Tyneeta enlisted in the United States Navy, where she served eight years as an avionics technician with four of those years being in the calibration field. In 2012, she graduated from Texas State Technical College in her hometown of Waco. Tyneeta transferred to the imaging field in September of 2019. Catholic Health’s Director of Clinical Engineering John Garrett noted, “Tyneeta Silmon is a great example of the future of imaging.”

ICE Magazine learned more about this Rising Star in a question-and-answer session.

Q: Why did you choose to enter the field of imaging?

A: After getting out of the Navy, I decided I would like to enter into a field that I would be able to put my electric background to use outside of the aviation field. One day, I was talking to my father about what I wanted to do. He began to tell me about a program he was currently in called Biomedical Equipment Technician at TSTC in my hometown. I looked further into the details and knew it was definitely something I wanted to pursue. After comparing different programs, I chose Texas State Technical College (TSTC) because it offered the most hands-on training.

Q: What interests you the most about the imaging field?

A: I was first introduced to the imaging field while attending Texas State Technical College. When the opportunity arose to take an additional semester dedicated to the theory and troubleshooting of radiology equipment, I decided to take advantage of it. I was blown away and knew that I wanted to work in the imaging field due to the complex capabilities and advanced technology. I knew I had to be a part of the process. I am looking forward to the many challenges and rewards that come within the imaging field.

Q: What do you like the most about your position?

A: I like that I am able to apply some principles from the radar and laser systems that I have worked on to understand the basics of how an X-ray works.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment in your field thus far?

A: My greatest accomplishment is being able to pursue a career as an imaging technician after seven years as a BMET. My supervisor chose me out of a talented, diverse shop, with many biomeds, to become an imaging specialist.

Q: What goals do you have for yourself in the next five years?

A: In the next five years, I plan to be proficient in mammography maintenance and repairs, as well as obtain some OEM training for mammo, ultrasound and CT systems. I want to focus on learning as much as I possibly can on the different modalities within imaging. I am not certain of the future, but the thought of starting my own biomed and imaging servicing company is a possibility.

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