United Imaging Announces Rapid CT Deployment to Help Expand Capacity at Maimonides Medical Center

United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced that it has installed a transportable CT scanner at the request of Maimonides Medical Center, the largest hospital in Brooklyn, New York, on the front lines of the...

GVB Medical Secures High-Quality Personal Protective Equipment for American Workers

GVB Medical, a division of the hemp-extraction, manufacturing, and cannabinoid research company GVB Biopharma, announced today that it has secured a supply of 200,000 high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) items for delivery to the American workforce on the...

Roy Lowe Joins CIRS Inc.

Roy A. Lowe, B.S. RT(R)(T) has recently joined CIRS Inc. as sales manager. Lowe is an accomplished B2B/B2C medical device sales manager with 15-plus years of demonstrated sales success with multinational health care device companies, accprding to a press release....

Global Medical Allies Share Lung Ultrasound Solution for COVID-19 Triage

Dr. Robert L. Bard, NYC imaging specialist collaborates with an international group of medical leaders including Dr. Danilo Buonsenso (Rome, Italy) who recently published reports about "ultrasound equipment as an effective replacement of the stethoscope." Dr....

Self-Scheduled Screening Mammogram Appointments Triple Via App

SCI Solutions in partnership with Charlotte Radiology, a US Radiology Specialists practice and one of the largest radiology groups in the country, announced significant patient adoption of the SCI mobile outpatient self-scheduling application, an integral component of SCI’s digital patient experience solution.

In the first five months after going live with a multi-channel campaign linked with the new self-scheduling application, Charlotte Radiology dramatically increased appointment volume through the mobile self-scheduling experience. The number of screening mammogram appointments scheduled through the new application increased more than 300 percent compared to the previous patient portal self-scheduling option with a corresponding reduction in incoming call volume through the call center.

“We are excited to offer this convenient, mobile self-scheduling option to our patients, which makes it easy for them to schedule their mammograms on the go using smartphones and tablets,” said Lauren Herring, vice president of marketing, Charlotte Radiology. “What’s more, patients can see a wide range of options across multiple locations within a specified radius, which gives them the flexibility to select the best time and location for their needs. It’s not only great for patients by making it easier for them to access vital health services that can lead to earlier detection and treatment of breast cancer, but it also increases operational efficiency and optimizes our capacity across our many service locations. We’re appreciative of SCI Solutions’ long-term partnership with us, which allows us to offer better services and a modern digital experience to our patients.”

Patients Embrace Mobile Self-Service Scheduling

SCI’s Digital Engagement platform, including the outpatient self-scheduling application, makes it easy and convenient for patients to engage directly with their health care providers to coordinate their own care on their own device at any time, day or night. As patients engage more proactively in their own care, organizations like Charlotte Radiology experience growth in total appointments scheduled while reducing the number of incoming phone calls. So far, the proportion of total screening mammogram appointments booked via self-service at Charlotte Radiology has grown to nearly three quarters, which frees up call center staff for more complex patient interactions and high-value activities.

“Charlotte Radiology has been a valued partner with SCI for many years and a leader in digital patient experiences,” says Joel French, CEO, SCI Solutions. “With outpatient self-scheduling, Charlotte Radiology delivers a welcoming digital front door to consumers to access the health care services they need – with the speed and convenience they’ve come to expect from their interactions in other industries like travel, banking and retail. As patients take advantage of self-service tools that encourage a more proactive role in their care plans, both patients and providers will be able to prioritize care, leading to improved clinical outcomes, while SCI technologies enable providers to deliver appropriate access and care coordination at a greatly reduced cost.”

SCI’s Digital Engagement Platform helps clients increase patient acquisition and retention as well as optimize resources and operational effectiveness. In addition to making self-scheduling the logical call to action for market outreach via service line and health awareness campaigns, the platform supports Google Analytics for helpful insight about self-service scheduling users. Combining insight from standard Google Analytics metrics, such as mobile utilization, with additional SCI metrics, such as how many patients book appointments via self-service and how many begin but don’t finish the scheduling process, helps health systems assess and optimize outreach campaigns and self-scheduling workflows. SCI’s suite of widely adopted enterprise solutions for mobile outpatient self-scheduling, centralized and decentralized enterprise scheduling, provider self-scheduling, order/referral management, and insurance prior authorizations comprises the SCI Digital Engagement Platform.

Charlotte Radiology Webinar February 27: Register for the 30-minute webinar, “Charlotte Radiology Goes Mobile and Triples Patient Self-Scheduled Appointments,” on Thursday, February 27, 1:30-2:00 p.m. ET, to learn more about Charlotte Radiology’s patient engagement strategy and results.



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