Innovatus Imaging Launches TEE Probe Maintenance Program

Trans-Esophageal Echocardiology, or TEE Probes, used to create images of the heart via the esophagus, are among the most costly ultrasound devices imaging departments nationwide purchase in order to properly diagnose cardiac conditions. Each of these highly...

Clarius to Unveil Miniaturized Wireless Smartphone Ultrasound Scanners

Clarius Mobile Health is poised to deliver on its promise to make high-definition ultrasound more affordable and easier to use for every clinician. During its virtual Innovation Spotlight event on Monday, January 17, 2022, the company’s ultrasound pioneers will take...

AHRA Approves ICE Education

ICE 2022 is approved for 32 ARRT Category A CE credits by AHRA.

MUSC team demonstrates MRI scan in ambulance

Doctors at MUSC Health’s Comprehensive Stroke Center constantly work with their community hospital colleagues on initiatives to cut down the steps that need to happen between the time a stroke patient is wheeled through the ambulance bay until treatment can begin.

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center Improves Care for Patients by Successfully Deploying Royal Enterprise Care Management

DALLAS, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center has elevated patient experience and care quality by engaging patients throughout the imaging encounter with Royal Enterprise Care Management™, a workflow solution tailored to deliver the highest quality imaging workflows available in the industry. RoyalMD™ for Referring Providers, Royal Kiosks™ for Patients, Schedulers, Technologists and Physicians, Royal Alerts®, Royal Patient Portal® and RoyalPay® seamlessly work together to improve the quality of patient care and create workflow efficiencies that are simply unachievable with other disparate systems

Through RoyalMD® and Royal Alerts™ the order intake process is completely automated, and patients are invited to schedule, pre-register and visit SWDIC’s Patient Portal via automated email, text or phone call.

Patients enjoy registration and check-in within minutes and can even schedule an appointment and pre-register from their home computer or from any mobile device. With the addition of RoyalPay®, patients now have complete price transparency via highly accurate estimation algorithms, and patient responsibility is collected prior to the exam.

Since patients are entering medical history information directly into Royal’s Kiosk solution, front desk transcription errors are virtually eliminated, as is the need for paper. This Enterprise Care Management philosophy extends cleanly into the technologist and physician workflow, raising real-time point-of-care warnings throughout the entire exam process.

“Royal offers customizable modular technology addressing each facet of the healthcare revenue cycle. SWDIC capitalized on this by partnering with Royal, taking on one selected module at a time…. each providing more operational efficiency; cost-savings; increased revenue and upfront collections; patient, stake-holder, and referring physician satisfaction; and, establishing radiologist electronic scripting capability. Secure data sharing inter-departmentally as well as externally allows for a more streamlined operation thus moving the patient safely, more conveniently, and more expeditiously through the revenue cycle continuum. We could not be more pleased with Royals’ product quality or our professional partnership,” says Philip Collins, Director of Business Services, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center.

According to Peter Nassif, CEO of Royal Solutions Group LLC, it is all about eliminating inefficiencies and maximizing patient satisfaction. “Royal’s Enterprise Care Management offers a suite of complimentary functionality that is allowing Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center to maximize its technology pathway, improve patient access, offer premium referring physician services, and address long standing inefficiencies in scheduling and medical records workflows. Approaching the project with a holistic vision, we were able to craft a solution that realizes improved care quality and creates efficiency gains in every aspect of the value stream.”



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