MITA Calls for Strengthened Enforcement of Medical Device Remanufacturing

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has written a letter that calls for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) to strengthen its guidance on medical device remanufacturing and urged the agency to take the necessary steps to properly enforce the...

Perlin Named President of The Joint Commission

The Board of Commissioners of The Joint Commission have announced the appointment of Dr. Jonathan B. Perlin to lead The Joint Commission as its next President and CEO. The appointment is effective March 1, 2022. Widely known for his leadership in healthcare quality...

GE Healthcare Introduces New CT System

GE Healthcare has unveiled Revolution Ascend[i] with Effortless Workflow, offering clinicians a collection of artificial intelligence technologies that automate and simplify time-consuming tasks to increase operational efficiency and free up time for clinicians to...

United Imaging uCT ATLAS Earns FDA Clearance

United Imaging has announced FDA clearance for the uCT ATLAS, the latest in the company’s computed tomography (CT) portfolio of scanners and the 25th FDA clearance for the company overall.

[Sponsored] A Closer Look into Imaging Diversified

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Imaging Diversified

By Erin Register

Imaging Diversified was founded by current owner and CEO Nathan Smith. Together with two colleagues, Smith decided to expand and grow visibility in the MRI training profession. The idea first transpired from the organic joy of teaching and helping other MRI technologists in the field. The thirst for knowledge and then sharing that knowledge with others to enhance their capabilities within the MRI profession ignited a passion to do more.

Through many years and opportunities to offer training education to co-workers for employers, Smith noticed that trainers were as good as their passion to train. Some application specialists were great and others not so good, which led to Smith having to redo the training. The need for great application specialists, especially for third-party vendors, was needed. Smith wanted to fill the void. With that thought, Smith reached out to a few vendors and offered his services at the market rate. The goal was to offer higher quality training, complete protocol implementation and help the technologists get a better understanding of their equipment. The idea to market and create a social media presence was presented, and the formation of Imaging Diversified LLC was created. The company officially launched in January 2020.

“We have grown to employ five MRI application specialists and two CT applications specialists,” said Smith. “We also have expanded from just doing training to fulfilling multiple services in the radiology field for both the vendor and customer (imaging center/hospital).”

ICE learned more about Imaging Diversified in an interview with Smith.

Q: What is the main focus of Imaging Diversified?

A: Our focus is to provide the easiest solutions for radiology from start to finish. Training of staff and management is our main focus. If we can improve the knowledge of the radiology team from top to bottom, they will then in turn save more money, improve efficiencies and enhance the group as a whole. Not to mention, we offer training to vendors that can accompany upgrades and new equipment purchases.

Q: What services does Imaging Diversified offer?

A: Our company offers a variety of services. First, to all vendors, third-party and OEM, we offer our application training services. When we are out in the field, we help to ensure the customer knows how to operate the new equipment they have just purchased. We also offer support to customers that may want to figure out exactly what equipment is right for their radiology organization, as well as finding the right service contracts for these groups, sometimes saving them thousands of dollars. We also have financing options available, offer short-term staffing requests, virtual management solutions, daily applications support, workflow optimization, help with hiring, development and help with ACR accreditation.

Q: How does Imaging Diversified stand out in the medical equipment field?

A: We stand out by being a company that offers solutions to both vendors and customers alike. We not only offer services but work with the company to overall improve the functionality in the radiology department as a whole. We have a core group of employees that currently work in radiology, from directors to technologists, that can offer their expertise with real world knowledge. This advanced knowledge with our core helps us to bridge the gap for other imaging centers, hospitals and radiology groups that want to save money while running in the most efficient manner. Overall, improving the customer satisfaction level and enhancing the patient experience is why we stand out.

Q: Do you have any specific goals that you want Imaging Diversified to achieve in the near future?

A: Our future goal is to reach all imaging centers, hospitals and groups that do not have access to training or new equipment. We want to reach those groups and help them get upgraded training and equipment that is current with today’s standards while keeping their costs low. The idea is to have this reach extend internationally, as well as domestically. •

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