[Sponsored] Attendees See Benefit of X-ray QA Webinar


The Webinar Wednesday series continues to impress HTM professionals with quality presentations from industry leaders.

The recent webinar “X-ray QA and the Drive for Efficiency” received high ratings from attendees as well as several compliments in a post-webinar survey. The RTI Group-sponsored webinar drew almost 200 attendees and received a 3.9 rating on a 5-point scale with 5 being the best possible rating. Participants were eligible for 1 CE credit from the ACI.

This 60-minute webinar featured RTI Group International Sales Manager Lee Evans. He provided an overview of X-ray quality assurance by looking at how technology has driven efficiency over the past 20 years.

“Great overview of X-ray technology,” Biomed G. Fraser said.

“Very informative and interesting Webinar. Moved along quickly and kept my attention, said P. Dorsey, BMET.

“This webinar was simple but very informative. It was very straight to the point and had good flow. I’ve been a BMET for about 15 years now, and for the past year I’ve been teaching students, my future co-workers. I love Webinar Wednesday webinars. No matter what the topic is I always learn something. If not for me, for my students,” BMET Instructor J. Seriosa said.

“Speaker had in-depth knowledge and was able to share it simply,” said Radiology Equipment Specialist P. Jenne.

“Informative and to the point. Great way to pick up quick information on a relevant subject,” Biomed Engineering Team Leader W. Younkin said.

“Webinar Wednesdays are chock full of information needed to make us more proficient in our job,” said Imaging Service Engineer J. DeVito.

“I love the Webinar Wednesday series because it applies directly to my job and it is a way of helping maintain my certification,” Equipment Technician A. Wilson said.

“It’s the simplest way to tune in and listen to what’s new in our industry, without taking too much time from my schedule. It’s a great way to stay up on technology,” Biomed Engineer A. Wells said.

For more information about Webinar Wednesday, including a calendar of upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars, visit WebinarWednesday.live.


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