Covera Health Announces Integration of AI for Breast Cancer Detection

Covera Health, the country’s leading provider of clinical analytics solutions to reduce medical misdiagnoses and improve healthcare quality, announced the integration of ScreenPoint Medical’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its quality analytics platform....

Carestream to Share Newest Additions at RSNA

Carestream Health will share its newest additions in digital radiography detectors and imaging software at the upcoming virtual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference.

FDA Clears YSIO X.pree Intelligent Radiography System

Siemens Healthineers has announced Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the YSIO X.pree, a ceiling-mounted radiography system with the MyExam Companion intelligent user interface. “In addition to this easy-to-use interface that guides the radiologic...

Intermountain Healthcare, Sanford Health Plan Merger

Intermountain Healthcare and Sanford Health have signed a letter of intent to develop a strategic partnership. "Intermountain and Sanford have a shared vision of the future of health care and have the aligned values needed to better serve more communities across the...

[Sponsored] Company Showcase: 626

626, as a brand, was born on June 26, 2012 (6/26) when two soon to be friends and partners from Long Island, New York met at a hospital while each’s first son was born. The company was officially launched 2-years later. 626 had an original focus on performing time and material service work for medical imaging parts suppliers, which led into contractual service agreements with imaging centers, OEMs and ISOs throughout the United States. 626 is currently the fastest growing service provider in our space.

626 Holdings CEO Phil Revien recently shared more about the company with ICE magazine.

Q: What are some advantages that 626 has over the competition?

Revien: We are a virtual one-stop shop for imaging service. We can be such a comprehensive solution provider because of our talented people and our technology. While many in the space offer a point solution (e.g. best GE CT service in the state), we offer a turn-key product regardless of manufacturer, modality or region.

Q: What are some challenges that the company faced last year? How were you able to overcome them?

Revien: Growth brings problems; fun problems, but problems. Recruiting and retaining best-in-breed engineers will always be a challenge. Readiness for growth; having the right engineer in the right place is a challenge. We have met the challenge by building a culture based on family and customer focus. We believe we are the employer of choice for talent. We also acquired Walsh Imaging in November 2017 which was instrumental in improving our service capabilities for our customers in the Northeast.

Q: Can you explain 626’s core competencies and unique selling points?

Revien: 626’s core competency is imaging service delivery, 24/7/365. We are highly differentiated as we do all modalities and all manufacturers with a simple call or click. While we operate 24/7/365, we do not charge a premium for after-hours or holidays. We also do much of our PM work after-hours so as to not affect patient throughput. We operate with a patient first mentality.

Q: What product or service are you most excited about right now?

Revien: We have developed, and will soon commercialize, an exciting software and service for remote diagnoses and virtual service, cross-modality; cross-manufacturer.

Q: What is on the horizon for 626? How will it evolve in the coming years?

Revien: We are refreshing our brand as we reposition the company from service, to software and service. We are also in acquisition mode. We are seeking great individuals to add to our team that will enhance the customer experience. Also, we are seeking companies we can partner with to improve our service delivery ability and market share.

Q: Please share some company success stories with our readers – one time that you “saved the day” for a customer.

Revien: In February 2018, a Fort Lauderdale imaging center, owned by Akumin, was struck by a vehicle. The accident toppled the lone MRI in the facility. 626 was called at 7 a.m. and we deployed our CTO and a top engineer to the site. Our team arrived at 8:30 a.m. and had the system put back together and scanning patients by 1 p.m.

Q: Please tell us a little about the 626 facility.

Revien: 626 relocated our corporate headquarters to Delray Beach, Florida this July. The 12,000-square-foot facility is a mixed-use space with an office and warehouse. We also have a sales and marketing office in Akron, Ohio and the Walsh facility in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey is 11,000 square feet of warehouse and office.

Q: Can you share some recent changes to the company, inventory, services and etc.?

Revien: We acquired Walsh Imaging in November 2017. We hired Kevin Gill as our COO in June 2018. We are positioned well for both organic and inorganic growth.

Q: What is your company’s mission statement or what is most important to you about the way you do business?

Revien: 626 thrives on providing comprehensive equipment services and building long-lasting customer relationships. Our number one goal is that every service event is completed with the highest quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our obsession. 626 does not aspire to make a living, we aspire to make a difference.

Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know about your company?

Revien: 626 is very involved in the community and in charitable giving. Partner Michael Fischer started Drops of Hope in 2006. Drops of Hope provides transportation for pediatric cancer patients and their families to and from the hospital. Drops of Hope sends a limousine fully equipped with the latest video games, kid-friendly movies, snacks, beverages and more. This specialized service provides relief for parents who can enjoy the ride with their child and not worry about traffic, congestion, parking or any other concerns. This is a special service for these special children. Drops of Hope has a primary project with Rooms of Hope. Rooms of Hope is dedicated to enhancing the healing process of chronically ill children by providing positive and imaginative bedroom environments. It gives special attention to the medical, physical and emotional needs of each child by adding special touches that personalize the rooms and fulfill their dreams!



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