FDA Seeks ‘Remanufacturing’ Feedback from Biomeds

A little more than a month ago, the FDA released the draft guidance “Remanufacturing of Medical Devices” and asked healthcare technology management professionals, original equipment manufacturers, third-party repair organizations and more to submit comments.

United Imaging Goes “All-in” for Nashville

United Imaging makes its debut at HealthTrust University and its in-person debut at AHRA in Nashville over the next two weeks. At both events, the company will focus on several unique aspects of how it solves pervasive pain points in procuring and owning medical imaging equipment.

TechNation Asks Biomeds to Share Right to Repair Issues

TechNation is proud to support and be an advocate for the Right to Repair movement in the healthcare technology management and health care community. A new web form specifically allows biomeds everywhere to report incidents when an original equipment manufacturer...

Delivering precision solutions for a changing world

Change has been the one constant in nuclear medicine from the beginning, with the steady arrival of new radiopharmaceuticals, new technologies and an evolving regulatory environment. Today, as nuclear medicine expands rapidly beyond diagnostics and into novel...

[Sponsored] Company Showcase: Innovatus Imaging

Innovatus Imaging sees beyond boundaries to help health care professionals provide better patient care. The company offers the widest breadth of repair capabilities, taking a holistic approach by coupling reverse engineering and rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality of repair and yield rates.

The company’s knowledge and experience spans the entire life cycle of medical imaging products – from design, development and manufacturing to distribution, sales and service.

“We have documented, verifiable experience and can point to results across the board that demonstrate this expertise,” said Dennis Wulf, chief executive officer. “Our commitment to R&D and constant innovation help our customers serve their higher purpose – delivering exceptional patient care.”

Probe Repair

Customers partner with Innovatus because of the company’s unparalleled expertise in ultrasound probe repair. And it’s that expertise that enables Innovatus to see beyond the ordinary.

Yielding exceptional repair rates within the third-party industry, the company’s foundation for comprehensive ultrasound repair services is built with customer care, knowledge and experience.

“Our team brings experience from the clinical environment,” said Bill Kollitz, president and chief operating officer, “so we understand and can often anticipate customer challenges to improve efficiency.”

The Innovatus probe repair services include TotalRepair – a 100% guaranteed repair solution on 140 popular ultrasound probes. The program also allows customers to elect to SWAP at the repair price; the company was the first in the industry to offer a program of this kind. This is one way Innovatus gives its customers peace of mind – knowing they will be back up and running as quickly as possible.

Innovatus was first to offer repairs for 3D/4D probes among non-OEM service providers. The company uses proprietary repair processes and tooling for oil handling and replacement to ensure longevity.

The company also repairs transesophageal echocardiography probe (TEEs), including advanced repair capabilities on 3D/4D TEE probes like the Philips X7-2t and GE 6VT-D. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all technique, Innovatus diagnoses the problem and disassembles each TEE to identify and rectify damage caused by fluid invasion often missed by other repair processes.

The company’s culture of continuous improvement includes investment in research and development to constantly enhance the organization’s device repair capabilities. Innovatus also has an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of specialty ultrasound probes.

“We have the mindset of a device manufacturer. We understand the thinking and processes used in manufacturing and incorporate it into everything we do, including service and repair,” Wulf said.

MRI Repair

The company knows MRI coils from the inside and out. Leveraging more than a quarter-century of experience as a coil manufacturer credited with numerous coil patents, the company is the leader in third-party coil repair.

With extensive electrical, mechanical and cosmetic repair capabilities, paired with one of the most extensive loaner inventories in the industry, Innovatus makes the repair process as simple as possible so health care providers experience maximized uptime.

CR System and Dry Film Printer Service

Innovatus offers incomparable field service for CR systems and dry film printers so health care providers can extend the life of their equipment and help optimize their bottom lines.

Comprehensive services are available for CR systems and dry film printers made by Agfa, Carestream/Kodak, and Fuji. From preventative maintenance to emergency response, Innovatus offers quality repair service and delivery in the field where – and when – it matters most.

Digital Radiography

When customers are ready to transition to digital radiography, the company offers the MVi-DR retrofit solution, which is designed to seamlessly integrate and convert a conventional X-ray room or portable unit into a digital radiography system. The team at Innovatus is highly trained, and can help walk providers through the steps of upgrading their suite.

“See Beyond”

It’s more than a slogan for Innovatus. It’s the guiding vision for three companies that came together as one to provide best-in-class imaging devices and repair services.

Formed in September 2017, Innovatus is the result of three former companies – Bayer MVS, Wetsco Inc., and MD MedTech – joining forces to draw on their combined expertise.

Innovatus launched the new face of its combined global brand at the start of 2018. At the same time, the company underscored its renewed focus – to push past conventional boundaries in the medical imaging device industry, and to empower health care professionals to take patient care to the next level.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus maintains operations in Tulsa, Denver and the Netherlands.



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