Philips Integrates 3D Ultrasound with Innovative Software for Breakthrough in Surveillance Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, has introduced the Philips Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Model, providing physicians a more patient-friendly solution compared to the current standard of care for managing AAA patients.

Probo Medical Acquires Mount International United Services

Probo Medical, a global provider of medical imaging equipment, parts, repair and service, has acquired Mount International United Services Ltd (MIUS). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In Memoriam | Anne Granum

“The HTM community lost another wonderful human being,” the LinkedIn post read.

Canon Medical’s AI-Powered, Premium Large Bore CT Receives FDA Clearance

Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has received FDA clearance for the Aquilion Exceed LB CT system, giving clinicians the opportunity to see more during radiation therapy planning for accuracy, precision and speed.

[Sponsored] Company Showcase: Medzon

Medzon started with a vision to revolutionize health care by improving quality of service, advance technology and reduce significant cost. The result allows hospitals to be successful and profitable. ICE recently interviewed Medzon CEO Dr. Abdul Alsaadi to find out more about the company and its vision.

Q: What are some advantages Medzon has over the competition?

A: Medzon is considered a consultancy and a technology management solution company. When Medzon partnered with General Medical Equipment (GME), a full support service company that encompasses all types of services to unlock the full potential of medical equipment, Medzon became the go-to company that can solve most issues in a hospital.

Q: What are some challenges the company has faced?

A: One challenge the company has faced was getting the C-Suite to see the bigger picture and the advantages to using us. Now that we have succeeded at several sites, our reputation is all that is needed.

Q: Can you explain Medzon’s core competencies and unique selling points?

A: Medzon’s leadership has a tremendous amount of hospital experience, our team incorporates their education at the doctorate-level from Harvard and MIT, and a robust background on how health care should operate. Medzon offers free evaluations to hospitals with a presentation on the potential outcome it can have after joining our program.

Q: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?

A: Medzon consults and creates procedures to reduce operating cost for the hospital by up to 30% annually.

Q: What is on the horizon for your company? How will it evolve in the coming years?

A: Eventually Medzon will be the backbone and a partner to the hospital rather than being a vendor that only bills for services rendered.

Q: Can you please share some company success stories with our readers?

A: Medzon was able to save a hospital from shutting down due to very poor previous management that was focused only on profit and not on the quality of care. A dedicated team from Medzon worked side by side with each hospital department from purchases, contracts, supply chain, EHR and more to save the hospital and help it become profitable.

Q: Can you describe your company’s facility?

A: Our facility consists of the following teams – Innovation, IT, Engineers, Population Officers, Supply chain, etc. The team works together and shares feedback with management to present the best solution to offer to the hospital that we evaluated.

Q: Can you highlight any recent changes to your company?

A: Medzon now offers a membership program that a hospital can utilize for making better decisions for better efficiency.

Q: Can you tell me about the Medzon employees?

A: One of the employees that was part of making this a success is Janelle Elsisy. She was working with every individual in the company to make sure he/she understands the philosophy of Medzon/GME and the expectations of our customers.

Q: What is your company’s mission statement, or if you don’t have a specific one, what is most important to you about the way you do business?

A: Our mission is: “Medzon will revolutionize healthcare by bringing back customer service and quality, while advancing hospitals in technology.”

The Medzon vision is to “Guarantee a hospital will be a spearhead in technology utilized by patients, with improved quality, reduced cost and revenue.”

Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know about Medzon?

A: Yes, there are three areas that Medzon can add value:

1. Service Value

Medical Equipment Planning: Guarantee a hospital procures the right equipment from the right Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), taking into consideration the cost, longevity, ease of use for technicians/doctors, parts and services readily available for engineers, overall value and quality of system throughout the house.

Consultancy: Medzon can take a failing hospital and change it to a profitable organization. Through review of current practices, we study each department and create an efficiency report. With implementation and training of new procedures, within a year you can see the transformation to SUCCESS!

Qualified Staffing: Onsite engineers providing service coverage 24×7, increasing uptime on equipment, preventing delays in patient care and treatments.

Management Involvement: Medzon is not a separate entity but a team player in the hospital as we join in committees, meetings, and future development ideas. Medzon is here to grow with the hospital and improve quality of care for its patients.

2. Technology Value

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are incorporated on medical equipment to help in predictive failures which allow Medzon to improve uptime on equipment. The Medzon Innovation Team is always searching for state-of-the-art technology that can be implemented to make your site technologically advanced.

3. Client Benefits

Medzon is committed to the partnership with your hospital to guarantee uptime commitment and ensure patient satisfaction. This illustrates Medzon’s dedication to ensuring your hospital is a leader in all aspects of patient care.

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