Fujifilm Launches Multi-Use Radiography Fluoroscopy System

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., a provider of diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutions, has launched the Persona RF PREMIUM in the United States.

FDA Issues New Draft Guidance on Remanufacturing of Medical Devices and Discussion Paper on Cybersecurity and Servicing

Many medical devices are reusable and need maintenance and repair. Servicing of devices is critical to their safe and effective use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued two documents as part of its ongoing efforts to help distinguish between...

KA Imaging Inks Deal with BeyMed in Malaysia

KA Imaging has entered into a distribution agreement with BeyMed for distribution of KA imaging innovative dual-energy imaging solution Reveal 35C in the Malaysian market. “KA Imaging is excited to be growing rapidly and providing innovative diagnostic imaging...

POCUS Images Need to be Stored Properly to Avoid Fines

Ultrasound is the fastest growing imaging modality in U.S health care, driving sufficient ubiquity in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) that major medical societies are formally examining the implications of its rapid increase.

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Imaging Device Experts Provide Un-Biased Advice

National Distributor of Imaging Devices Uses Innovative Approach to Address Unique Issues at Medical Facilities

The purchase of medical imaging equipment represents one of the most significant financial decisions that health care providers undertake. When done well, imaging device selections can improve their diagnostic and interventional services as well as streamline staff workflow and training. Additionally, thoughtful purchasing can lower service and maintenance costs. However, with increasing frequency, these considerations are lost in the complexity of larger corporate decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions of competitive entities. Far too often, legacy equipment carries with it costly consequences that can take years for a business to recover from.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Through acquisitions, patient facilities not only inherit equipment, but can be locked into service and maintenance contracts they did not originally choose. In these situations, health care providers may find themselves managing multiple service contracts from a wide variety of OEMs over multiple locations. Coupled with this, equipment training becomes a nightmare along with inefficient workflows. How does a health care provider quickly get a handle on all these moving parts? Is it possible? One solution provider believes it is.

Impartial Opinions

MXR Imaging Inc. has decades of expertise across all leading imaging device brands. For years they have worked with clients to successfully understand their needs. Their national service and distribution network affords access to new and refurbished units as well as unique services for their clients. Their position provides the freedom to offer an impartial opinion of their client’s situation and needs. In this way, MXR can prescribe imaging device and services without bias, guiding clients to precise imaging solutions to maximize their patient care and efficiencies while mindfully streamlining costs.

Advice from Experts

A unique service MXR provides clients is ongoing consultative support from imaging experts. These imaging technology experts engage with clients to evaluate potential areas of improvement (i.e., workflow, asset management, legacy equipment). Identified projects can contain multiple elements beyond equipment itself. Many of these surrounding project components can be addressed through MXR. Some of these components include room design, equipment selection (new, upgrade or certified pre-owned), applications training, legacy equipment decisions, mobile imaging service needs and service support contracts.

Budget Constraints

When acquiring imaging devices, overcoming budget constraints requires exploring beyond traditional capital equipment budget paradigms. This can include standardization of equipment purchases that level buying power and reduce the cost of implementation due to a common and repeatable construction and logistic process either with a single vendor or through joining a group purchasing organization. Many facilities are also using the restructuring of the purchase process to encompass a decentralized approach. In this model, capital expenses can be mapped to full revenue streams and patient encounters.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

According to the Healthcare Supply Chain Association 2020 report, GPOs have become more important than ever. Just as hospitals have sought to engage their organizations with GPOs, MXR Imaging has been solidifying vendor agreements with members of the leading GPOs in the country.

Patient Care and Quality

In the last two decades, the medical device regulatory environment has evolved significantly. Medical device companies selling products to the U.S. market must have a QMS in place that meets FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System Regulations. Adhering to ISO 13485:2016 is an accepted approach with regulators and achieving the certification is assurance that a company meets certain quality management system expectations defined within the standard. MXR Imaging is FDA-compliant, certified ISO 13485:2016, and highly values patient care and safety within each of their client facilities.

Largest Independent Distributor and Service Provider in the Nation

For over 60 years, MXR Imaging Inc. has been providing imaging products and services to health care. Always the innovator, they originally offered film and chemistry to their customer base. MXR then quickly expanded into offering consumable and durable goods to the health care market. Next, as their geographic coverage expanded beyond southern California, MXR began to pursue imaging equipment sales and support as well. Their current portfolio encompasses general radiology, CT, PET/CT, MRI, ultrasound as well as consumable/durable goods, and equipment service support. Recent further refinement of their portfolio has added probe repair, coil repair and mobile imaging.

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