SuperSonic Imagine pushes the boundaries of Breast Ultrasound Imaging with Aixplorer® MACH 30 presented at the NCoBC Breast Congress in Las Vegas


The National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCoBC),
Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference, Las Vegas, March 15-20, 2019
Visit Supersonic Imagine at Booth # 105 at the NCoBC

SuperSonic Imagine, a company specialising in medical imaging using ultrasound technology, will introduce the new generation of its Aixplorer MACH 30 breast imaging solution at the prestigious National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCoBC). The NCoBC conference takes place every year and is attended by breast specialists, surgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists, radiologists and nurses to discuss and share methodologies and treatment options to improve and develop treatments and quality of care for breast patients.

“We are very happy to present our new Aixplorer Mach 30 breast imaging solution; the enhanced performance of our innovative imaging modes, the signal purity and the comfort of use is sure to appeal to physicians.” explains Michèle Lesieur, CEOof SuperSonic Imagine.

“SuperSonic Imagine has a long history of expertise in breast imaging and the benefits of ShearWave™Elastography have been demonstrated by several multi-centre studies carried out in the United-States and Europe. The “real-time tissue stiffness” as evaluated by Shearwave PLUS has become a critical variable in the diagnosis and clinical follow-up of breast lesions and in the grading of breast cancers”, states Jacques Souquet, Director of Innovation and Founder of SuperSonic Imagine.

Aixplorer MACH 30 is the next generation of premium breast ultrasound

The new Aixplorer Mach 30 is equipped with next generation of ShearWave®PLUS (SWE PLUS) elastography and offers an advanced breast imaging solution with enhanced speed of acquisition.

Both 2D and 3D patented SWE PLUS offers greater performance of real-time, reliable, quantitative and reproducible evaluation of tissue stiffness and visualisation. SWE PLUS provides new information and helps improve the identification of malignant or benign lesions. It offers greater diagnostic precision, which considerably reduces the number of false positives and unnecessary biopsies.

SuperSonic Imagine also offers numerous innovative imaging modes to improve the efficacy of breast examinations and patient comfort. Needle PL.U.S offers increased reliability during procedures guided by ultrasound and biopsies. The application enables physicians to view anatomical structures and biopsy needles simultaneously and predict their trajectory in real time. Angio PL.U.S offers unrivalled resolution for imaging microvascularisation of lesions, and TriVu combines real-time simultaneous imaging of B-mode, ShearWave PLUS and Angio PL.U.S. enabling you to visualize the anatomy, function (tissue stiffness) and blood flow on the same image, simultaneously.

Aixplorer Mach 30 features a new concept in ultrasound with its revolutionary SonicPad®touchpad,designed to enhance the user experience. With its intuitive touch screen interface, SonicPad offers intuitive control of all the functions needed to conduct the exam and allows imagers to focus their attention on analysing the clinical information displayed on the screen rather than on the controls used to optimise the acquisition of an image.

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