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The Surprise Post

I received an email from LinkedIn informing me that I had been mentioned in a post by Michael Powers, MBA. CHTM, CDP, CMDA. My initial response was, “Oh, Oh, What did I do now?” The picture looked very familiar. However, when you get as old as I am, you have metManny Roman everybody’s twin, maybe twice. I clicked the “Join the Conversation” button.

I recognized Mike and remembered his face. Mr. Powers has been named to the prestigious AAMI Fellows Class of 2022. This recognition is not given lightly. The eight Fellows “have provided substantial service and contributions to the health technology field” and are recognized “for the depth and breadth of their accomplishments in seven core areas: professional experience, education, technical contributions, presentations and publications, professional participation, certification, and awards and honors.” Visit for additional information.

On the post, Mr. Powers expressed how honored he is to receive the award and then proceeded to thank an elite group of industry professionals “…who have shepherded me along my journey … ” The named people have been enhancing the HTM industry since before it was named HTM. Then, I saw where I was mentioned.

“Also, many thanks for the inspiration & encouragement to give back to the industry to Manny Roman at an MD Publishing Imaging Community Exchange conference in Indianapolis many years ago.” I truly was shocked. Many years ago is really many years ago. I have been relatively retired for over 10 years and attend few shows and conferences.

I was so very pleased to have had a positive influence on such an accomplished individual. Then, it occurred to me that influence is in fact the correct word here. Influence does not cause things to happen. An individual uses and molds life’s sequence of influential moments and other resources to guide his future. Here is my response to his post:

“Congratulations, Michael, and thank you for the kind words regarding our meeting in Indianapolis. As we progress through life, we encounter many opportunities to influence others and it is always gratifying to see them achieve great success. That said, it is they who put in the work to make it happen and they (YOU) who deserves the credit. Pass your influence on to others and enjoy your life. Continued success my friend.”

So, I of course have some advice for the young and the old timers. Young people, pay close attention to those who came before you. Listen to their stories and advice and guidance. Look to be influenced in your path through this great industry. Actively seek out mentors and others who will be eager to enhance your understanding. Learn from their errors, however be sure to understand why they are errors and ascertain how to remedy them.

You experienced people, pay close attention to those who will follow you. Seek to understand what drives them and how you can influence them to achieve success and even greatness in this rewarding industry. Tell them the stories. Tell them of the successes and the errors that have been made. Teach them how to make good decisions and hold themselves accountable for the outcomes. People talk about legacy. Legacy is what you leave behind: An inheritance of your experience, knowledge, attitude, understanding, caring, etc. Knowing that you shared it with others makes it all worthwhile. Leave others better for having known you.

As for me, I am relatively content in my semi-retirement. Mike’s post enhanced that. He remembered my name. Most people now refer to me as, “Remember that guy, what’s his name, you know, Ruth’s husband.”•

Manny Roman, CRES, is association business operations manager at Association of Medical Service Providers.



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