Tools of the Trade: MedWrench My Bench

503 is a resource and sharing network for users of medical equipment. You can get answers, find information and read what others think about the equipment they use. It is free to join and easy to keep informed. You simply bookmark your favorite communities (equipment, categories or manufactures) to your “My Bench” area and you are given an intelligent feed of information from other professionals as they help each other solve problems. Your “My Bench” page can help you:

  • Manage the equipment you’ve bookmarked and adjust how you are notified about new information.
  • See what other professionals in your discipline are using and discussing.
  • Ask questions and get answers about your equipment. You can provide answers too!
  • Talk to industry experts and manufacturers directly about issues that concern you.
  • Contribute to the community by providing accurate information about medical equipment.
  • Connect with other medical equipment professionals and find out how they use their equipment effectively.



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