Canon Medical’s AI-Powered, Premium Large Bore CT Receives FDA Clearance

Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has received FDA clearance for the Aquilion Exceed LB CT system, giving clinicians the opportunity to see more during radiation therapy planning for accuracy, precision and speed.

FDA Clears MULTIX Impact C Ceiling-Mounted DR System

Siemens Healthineers has announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the MULTIX Impact C ceiling-mounted digital radiography (DR) system as well as the MULTIX Impact VA20, a new version of the established floor-mounted parent DR system.

FDA Approves Seno Medical’s Breast Cancer Diagnostic Technology

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Texas-based Seno Medical Instruments Inc.

Philips to Acquire Capsule Technologies Inc.

Royal Philips has signed an agreement to acquire Capsule Technologies Inc., a provider of medical device integration and data technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Varex to Showcase New X-Ray Components at RSNA 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Varex Imaging Corporation will showcase its latest X-ray tubes and sources, digital detectors, connect and control devices and software solutions at the 106th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). RSNA 2020 has transitioned to a virtual conference format and will take place November 29-December 5, 2020.

In addition to Varex’s existing X-ray imaging product portfolio, the company will highlight several new technologies and products including nanotube (NT) based X-ray tubes, Liquid Metal Bearing (LMB) X-ray tubes and Direct Conversion’s Photon Counting digital detectors. To accommodate 2020’s virtual RSNA Conference, Varex is launching a new virtual booth which will integrate 3D product models and videos highlighting our new products and innovative technologies for medical applications.

At RSNA 2020, Varex will display innovative Solutions in Sight™.

Innovative X-ray Tube Technology

Varex, through its joint venture, VEC Imaging GmbH & Co. Kg, based in Erlangen Germany, have developed innovative nanotube technology. At RSNA 2020 Varex will be showcasing the NT2518C 25-emitter tube prototype available for use in Static Breast Tomosynthesis Systems as well as other emitter configurations for different industrial and medical applications. [1]

Nanotube technology replaces traditional coiled filament in a traditional X-ray tube with a multibeam field emission cold cathode nanotube emitter. This technology enables X-ray tubes to be manufactured using arrays of small emitters ideally suited for portable tomosynthesis systems, Mobile C-Arm surgical systems, and portable computed tomography (CT) systems, among other medical imaging applications.

Varex will also introduce its LMB technology to its X-ray tube portfolio. The first two X-ray tubes in this new product family will be a dual-ended CT application tube, the GS-547XX-L and the first-to-market anode-end-grounded cardiovascular applications tube, the FP-309X-L. LMB tube units replace the traditional ball bearings in a X-ray tube with a liquid metal bearing lubricant to support the following advantages:

  • LMB technology removes the usual delay from exposure to boost time as LMB tubes are continuously rotating at speeds that can achieve instant high-power exposure.
  • The Varex LMB technology adds to the life of the tube, as well as enables ease of use, reduction in tube noise, and overall improvement in heat dissipation properties in demanding, instant, high-power exposure conditions.
  • To further enhance the customer experience with these LMB products, Varex will be offering them as a lease option for the first time – enabling customers to have better total cost management.

Photon Counting Detectors

Varex will showcase its photon counting technology which offers enhanced tissue separation and contrast in medical applications, including whole body scanning, mammography, and CT. [2]

Introducing Direct Conversion XC-Hydra detector for scanning applications [2]:

  • Multi-line, modular photon counting X-ray detector based on CdTe 100 µm² pixel
  • TDS (time delayed summation) for scanning applications and frame mode
  • High speed – Up to 10,000 lines/s or 1 m/s
  • High Sensitivity for low flux – Optimal for low flux setups such as distributed sources e.g. MBX

Introducing Direct Conversion XC-THOR.CT detector [1] [2]:

  • Modular, segmented photon counting CT detector based on CdTe with 100 µm² pixels
  • Two energy thresholds per pixel allow material separation (e.g. bones/soft tissue)
  • High speed – Up to 2000+ frames per second
  • Adaptable geometry – Modular design adaptable to different geometries such as cone, fan, spiral
  • Prototypes available for evaluation

Varex Z Platform IGZO Digital Detector

Showcasing the Varex Z Platform which offers:

  • Low dose performance
  • High resolution zoom modes
  • Onboard corrections and fast frame rates

Varex Imaging plans to release a series of Z Platform products over the coming years for Mobile C-Arm, Cardiovascular, and Dental CBCT applications. The 3131Z is the first example of the new platform.

Connect and Control

Displaying a full suite of Manual and Automated collimators and other components for fixed and mobile systems that include:

  • Connectors – maintenance free and smallest dimensions in the industry
  • Automatic Exposure Control – sensors with lowest absorption rates and 100% shadow free
  • Mammography – smart comfort paddles for mammography systems

Also displaying the Optica™ 10, a manually operated collimator for integration with mobile and stationary radiography systems. This collimator is standard equipped with a long-life power LED that projects a bright light field on the exposed area. LED brightness and timer are adjustable via an internal USB port. The Optica™ 10 is optimized for mobile and stationary X-ray equipment for radiography up to 150 kV tube voltage.

Software Solutions

The Varex team will highlight:

  • Prototyping and agile development of algorithms and solutions with MeVisLab + AI
  • Clinical profound ground-truth creation for AI (e.g. segmentation by clinical experts)
  • FDA and CE knowledge for regulatory approvals
  • Sales, Marketing, and Training solutions

Varex will also host a series of webinars at RSNA 2020 exploring:

  • Lung Diagnostic Software Support with Peter Bernholt looking at Veolity as a tool for lung cancer screening
  • DR and Fluoroscopy Acquisition Software with Jay Tracy showcasing Nexus DR™ digital imaging system
  • Liver Surgery Planning Software Support with Ragnar Bade asking ‘Are you prepared for delivering 3D visualizations for the living donor liver transplantation program?’ and looking at 3D visualizations for liver surgery

More details can be found here:

[1] These technologies are not available for sale or commercial use. Products not cleared/approved by USFDA or International Health Authorities.
[2] All Varex imaging receptors are designed to be integrated into a complete X-ray system by a qualified system integrator. The system Integrator is responsible for obtaining FDA clearance for medical use or appropriate CE marking.



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